Small gifts go a long way

Have you ever made a donation to an organization? Did it feel like you were taking a stance, making a choice, being an activist?

Large numbers of people making small donations is a powerful way to fund organizations. It provides financial sustainability and builds a large supporter base that stands behind a mission. It shows that you believe in a cause enough to put your money behind it.

This past December hundreds of Dogwood supporters took a stance and made a donation. Thanks to your generosity we surpassed our goal of raising $100,000. Thank you!

Dogwood Initiative is striving to build a diversified support base and we’re succeeding. We’re on our way to becoming less dependent on foundation grants, and being supported by people like you who make several $10 to $50 donations throughout the year. If you want to learn more about who supports Dogwood’s work, check out our most recent Annual Report.

A small gift can go a long way. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was remarkable for bringing together a broad range of citizens across America to rally for a new president. It was impressive that these supporters not only organized house parties, canvassed, and came out to rallies but that they also donated money. The Obama campaign relied on private donations from individuals and raised over $650 million dollars, with about half of its intake coming in donations of less than $200.

Dogwood supporters are taking similar action – signing petitions, attending rallies, and making donations. In 2010 you helped send Eric Swanson, our No Tankers Director, to meetings in Calgary and Ottawa, launch a No Tankers advertising campaign in downtown Vancouver, and organize events to protect Vancouver Island’s Juan de Fuca coast from development (among other things!). We’re proud to have supporters as committed as you.

And you’ve helped us achieve an important organizational goal – improving our financial sustainability. This means we’re better positioned to work on issues that directly affect you – helping communities have a say in how the lands and resources around them are used.

This year we’ll keep working on your behalf to protect BC’s north coast from potential oil spills and tanker traffic, promote sustainable development on southern Vancouver Island and dig deep on BC’s coal industry.

So thanks for your support! We’ll be in touch on how we’re putting your donations to work in 2011.

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