The responsibility for the damage caused by tar sands projects doesn’t stop with the oil companies. It continues on to the banks and investors that finance the industry.

On March 3rd, 2010 Dogwood staff and Victoria residents showed up at the Royal Bank of Canada’s Victoria headquarters to draw attention to RBC’s role as Canada’s largest financier of dirty fuels, including the tar sands.

At the same time, hundreds of activists – led by Rainforest Action Network – and Indigenous community members were on the ground at the RBC annual shareholders meeting demanding that the bank pull out of the tar sands and honor Indigenous rights.

You can turn up the volume on these demands by making a call to RBC today

Here’s how:

1. Call RBC toll-free at 1-800-769-2540

2. Tell the RBC representative that you’d like to request that RBC stop financing the Alberta tar sands and publicly endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent.