Police raid Minister’s offices

Are the police raids on the offices of David Basi, the ministerial assistant to Finance Minister Gary Collins and Bob Virk, the ministerial assistant to Transportation Minister Judith Reid the first thread in another political scandal in BC. Will the 20-month investigation into drugs and organized crime touch be linked to Campbell’s provincial Liberals or Martin’s federal Liberals?

No one knows, but the statements that the investigation into brought “some unrelated matters” to the attention of the police, certainly raises questions:

  • What unrelated but potentially criminal matters could the Liberal political appointees be involved in?
  • Will the scandal touch the Premier, the Prime Minister, the BC Finance and Transportation Ministers?
  • Will the Asper-dominated media bird dog the scandal like they did Glen Clark’s casinogate?.
  • Is there any link to Basi’s role in Prime Minister Paul Martin’s leadership campaign team in B.C.?
  • Just how close a friend is Basi to Finance Minister Collins and was he aware of Basi’s activities?

Only time and diligent investigative reporting will provide these answers.

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