In Mid-March we put out the call for people to make pledges of personal action to stop oil tankers and pipelines from fouling BC’s rivers and coast. The results have been amazing!

Hundreds of people, from all across Canada made pledges, which clearly demonstrates the strength our grassroots No Tankers movement.

The idea behind the pledges was that we often suggest specific actions for supporters to take, like writing a letter, sending an email, or attending an event that we organize. And these are all good, because we put a lot of energy into picking strategic actions (which members of our No Tankers Action Team get the inside scoop on). However, we knew that there was a lot of individual creativity and talent out there which, with a bit of freedom to innovate, could take this campaign over the top.

One of the people who pledged personal action was John Vickers of Calgary, Alberta.  John (who has his own Design company) pledged to design some posters for the campaign. He saw a need, as evidenced by a lack of cool posters to use for outreach and fund-raising on our website, and then he delivered!

John designed nine posters in total, “one for each animal on BC’s northwest coast that could be threatened by a tanker spill”.