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First Nations fight back against energy projects

03.08.04 | In Depth | 

First Nations from across BC are taking action to defend their territories from energy exploration and drilling. It’s no surprise that BC government and oil and gas officials are upset. Increasing energy revenues is essential to this government’s economic and political future. Indigenous resistance to oil and gas exploration is the BC government’s worst nightmare. […]

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Softwood sophistry

03.05.04 | In Depth | 

The Canadian government’s softwood strategy is simple: (1) reiterate platitudes about a Canadian unity (among forest companies and provinces) that doesn’t exist; (2) rely on a complaisant media that doesn’t investigate or ask tough questions; and (3) hope that repetition of the standard line will make it come true. The Globe & Mail reports once […]

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NEB turns down the heat

03.04.04 | In Depth | 

A victory for clean air, the health of citizens, and for public participation was scored by the National Energy Board today when they turned down an application from Sumas Energy 2 to connect their proposed 660 MW gas-fired generation plant at Sumas, WA to BC Hydro’s Clayburn substation in Abbotsford, BC. A powerful coalition of […]

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Hat Creek First Nations reject coalbed methane

03.01.04 | In Depth | 

The Bonaparte, Xaxli’p and Ts’Kw’aylax First Nations continue to tell the provincial government that they are opposed to coalbed methane development in Hat Creek. As reported by Dogwood Initiative on February 23 ( click here), the Bonaparte Indian Band recently affirmed their “no go” position and once again asserted their Aboriginal Title and Rights in […]

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EnCana’s rosy forecast

03.01.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

Like deferential courtiers, Canada’s business reporters continue to report the Emperor’s wardrobe changes with nary a dissenting comment. Last week, Calgary-based energy giant Encana, reported a 183% increase in profits last year and projected a 10% growth in sales in 2004. The Canadian Press story contained virtually no information other than what was included in […]

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First Nations reject economic colonialism

02.28.04 | In Depth | 

500 years ago French and Spanish and Portuguese fishers made summer voyages to North America’s north Atlantic coast in search of bountiful cod. Then English and French traders moved inland and across the continent in search of beaver and timber. And Spanish, English and Russian explorers and traders moved in on the northwest Pacific coast […]

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The public's role in Interfor-Doman discussions

02.27.04 | In Depth | 

Like a vulture circling carrion, Interfor has announced a plan to acquire much of debt-ridden Doman. If successful, this would make Interfor a coastal giant controlling almost 30% of the coastal wood supply. In the coming days as the proposal is dissected ad nauseum by forestry pundits and company spokespeople, four important issues will likely […]

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Saulteau defend against oil and gas threat

02.26.04 | In Depth | 

As you may be aware, the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations have made attempts through negotiations and in the courts to halt companies from drilling for natural gas in area known as the Peace – Moberly Tract, a critical wildlife refuge and cultural use area. In the BC Supreme Court, Saulteau First Nation failed […]

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