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Energy Minister schedules private meeting with Fernie council

03.26.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

The City of Fernie was advised today by Bill Bennett, local member of the provincial legislature, that the Minister of Energy Richard Neufeld, his deputies, and Derek Doyle, the Commissioner for Oil and Gas development, will meet privately with selected officials and citizens tomorrow evening, May 27, and Friday morning. All events take place at […]

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The Canadian conundrum: jobs versus productivity

03.23.04 | In Depth | 

The loss of jobs to free trade, tax driven automation, sweatshops in developing countries is becoming the “political hot potato of the U.S. elections. While the jobless recovery in the U.S. has produced 317,000 less jobs than experts predicted, the problem is not confined to the States. As discussed in previous Bulletins, 200 million more […]

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Fernie takes a stand

03.21.04 | In Depth | 

On Tuesday, March 16, the City Council in Fernie sponsored a “Town Hall” Meeting to discuss coalbed methane. This was in response to a large area of rights that the province had posted for auction. The city invited a panel: Karen Campbell (West Coast Environmental Law), Gwen Lachelt (Colorado’s Oil and Gas Accountability Project), Derek […]

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Growing First Nation unrest in BC

03.17.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

First Nations from across BC are increasingly frustrated by the BC government’s approach to their issues. The frustration was evident at the First Nations Summit meeting last week as leader after leader complained about the treaty process and the government’s lack of consultation on virtually all resource issues. The overall tone of the meeting was […]

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Canada's upcoming energy problems

03.16.04 | In Depth | 

Canada’s plans to expand energy exports are on a collision course with domestic demands. Two recent articles illustrate the schizophrenic nature of Canada’s energy plans. Unfortunately, the growing gap between rhetoric and reality will ultimately bite us in the behind. The first was a column by Deborah Yedlin in the Globe & Mail which indicates […]

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Is productivity killing us? – Death by a thousand Tax cuts

03.14.04 | In Depth | 

Paul Martin continues to build his legacy as Corporate Canada’s best friend. After years of cutting corporate taxes as Finance Minister, Martin’s government is poised to once again favour corporations over workers and the environment. New revisions to the Tax Act proposed for the upcoming budget will allow corporations to write off computers, heavy machinery […]

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Lillooet takes a stand

03.11.04 | In Depth | 

Lillooet is another BC community hit hard by government cutbacks and policies that remove money and jobs from rural BC. And they are responding with a novel idea – a regional trust, funded by the province, in recognition of the economic value of the area to the province. It’s an observation we’ve made many times […]

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Fernie confronts giant government coalbed methane scheme

03.09.04 | In Depth | 

Media Advisory from East Kootenay Environmental Society Recreation Town Confronts Impact of Coal Bed Gas Extraction on Rocky Mountain Lands Covered by Nature Conservancy Moratorium Fernie Town Hall Meeting March 16 Will Debate BC Government Auction of Coal Bed Gas Rights for Grizzly Bear and Lynx Habitat Under Conservation Moratorium The City of Fernie is […]

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