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The New VI sacks political discourse

07.08.04 | In Depth | 

On July 7, the New VI sacked all of its political commentators – Moe Sihota, Pia Shandel, Norman Spector, Briony Penn – in a mass layoff of 28 people. In the corporate interests of reducing costs and increasing viewership, the outcome will probably mean more movies, more US series, smut and reality shit. Definitely means […]

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Compliance Energy options site for coal power plant

07.06.04 | In Depth | 

Compliance Energy owns a small coal mine near Coalmont in the Tulameen Coalfield, just west of Princeton. They are also the 75% owner of coalbed methane rights in the coalfield, with the Upper Similkameen Band owning the remaining 25%. Compliance Energy have made much of their intention to build a coal fired power plant at […]

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Hillsborough acquires coal rights in East Kootenays

07.05.04 | In Depth | 

Hillsborough Resources owns the Quinsam Coal Mine in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. In 2003, Hillsborough teamed up with Cinergy Corp., of Cincinnatti, proposing to build a 150 megawatt “mine-mouth” coal fired generation plant, to use waste-coals from the mine. The customer for the power was to be BC Hydro, which has been looking for […]

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What apathy? "Fahrenheit 9-11" and the activist spirit

06.28.04 | In Depth | 

It seems fitting that this particular election day take place the day after successful first weekend of Michael Moore’s latest tour de force. Throughout this election, I’ve read a lot about people whose distrust of politicians has prompted them to embrace apathy, even to advocate against participation in democracy at the simplest level, by refusing […]

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Simplifying Softwood Spin

06.28.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

Over the past few weeks the US-Canada softwood dispute marched across the headlines, but once again the stories have offered little analysis or context. NDP leader Jack Layton promised that if elected he would retaliate against the US by restricting energy exports. Rusty Wood, head of the despised US Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, visited […]

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The election and reconciling Aboriginal Title

06.21.04 | In Depth | 

The election on June 28 may have a big impact on First Nations in BC. Except for photo ops on National Aboriginal Day showing all the party leaders drumming with First Nations in whatever province they happened to be touring in, Aboriginal issue have been largely absent form the election. However, who wins power in […]

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BC Sustainable Energy Association launch June 21

06.15.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

New Association Launches a Sustainable Energy Vision for BC Currently when the wind blows in British Columbia, no wind turbines collect its energy. When the sun shines on homes and buildings, few solar panels or water heaters collect its heat. When the tides roll through B.C.’s coastal inlets, no tidal turbines capture their awesome power. […]

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Remembering Reagan

06.14.04 | In Depth | 

Kirk Anderson

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