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Much ado about corporations (Part 1)

02.04.04 | In Depth | 

Canada desperately needs an open dialogue about the growing power of the corporations in our society. The Corporation, a new award-winning film by the BC-based team of Jennifer Abbott, Mark Achbar, and Joel Bakan, is a 145 minute primer on the origins and developments of this powerful legal institution. The film is catalyzing just such […]

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DISMISSED: Apsassin et al v. BC Oil and Gas et al

02.02.04 | In Depth | 

Chief Alan Apsassin, on his own behalf and on behalf of the members of the Saulteau First Nations, Petitioner, and The British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission and Vintage Energy Canada Ltd., Respondents [194] The Petition is dismissed. — In 2003, the Saulteau First Nations, one of the Treaty 8 nations in the northeast of […]

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Cabinet shuffled, Hagen demoted?

01.28.04 | In Depth | 

One of the biggest surprises in the recent cabinet shuffle was the apparent demotion of Stan Hagen, who moved to Human Resources from Sustainable Resource Management (SRM). SRM is planning to announce two new land-use plans this spring (Lillooet and Central Coast) both of which face formidable challenges in reconciling First Nations concerns. SRM was […]

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Corporations as psychopaths environmental lessons

01.27.04 | In Depth | 

The anti-social legal foundations of the modern corporation are dissected in the new award-winning documentary, THE CORPORATION. The film, which recently won the World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, analyzes the behavior of these legally-created business entities that are unfortunately regarded as “persons” under the law. Ironically, the Sundance award was […]

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Distortions, misrepresentations and blatant lies

01.26.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

It is no surprise that the forest industry is lauding the new forestry regulations, they conceived them. The corporate campaign to didn’t begin in 2001 with the election of the Liberals, it began in 1995 soon after the much maligned Forest Practices Code was passed into law. The new forestry regulations are the culmination of […]

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Liberals gut forestry regulations

01.24.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

The Liberal pro-corporate deregulation train unloaded more foul smelling cargo yesterday with the release of weakened regulations protecting forests. Following its standard practice of announcing bad news about the environment late on Friday afternoon (after the press cycle) to avoid media coverage, late yesterday the Liberal BC government released new forestry regulations that further turn […]

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BCUC dismisses criticisms of BC Hydro’s Call for Tenders

01.23.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

On January 23, 2004, the BC Utilities Commission encouraged BC Hydro to stay the course with its Call for Tenders for power solutions for Vancouver Island. Dismissing criticisms submitted by an unlikely mix of parties including the GSX Concerned Citizens Coalition, BC’s major industrial electricity users, and especially Norske Canada, the BCUC didn’t modify the […]

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Investors beware of BC

01.22.04 | Retired Campaigns | 

Russ Francis recently wrote in Victoria’s Monday Magazine about recent political scandals and thier impact on investment into BC. While he provides interesting insights into the fallout from these scandals, he overlooks another underreported, but growing impediment to investment – unresolved Aboriginal Title and Rights. Occasionally, the BC government of the day will pay lip […]

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