Last Friday Enbridge announced they were expecting firm commitments from Chinese, Korean, or other oil companies for their Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project; and soon.

NoTankers supporters set out to educate Alberta’s oil patch, sending over 12,000 individual letters since last Friday! Click here for the NEXT STEP

We decided this  must mean that Gateway’s potential ‘backers’ didn’t quite understand the reality here in British Columbia: that is,

  • that 75% of British Columbians do not want oil tankers;

  • that BC’s First Nations have decision making authority over their traditional territories, many of whom have never signed treaties with Canada;

  • that several First Nations have united in saying ‘NO’ and ‘NEVER’ to Enbridge’s project;

  • and that thousands of northern British Columbians, including Regional Districts and Municipal Councils, reject the proposed review process – and are pushing for a full public inquiry.

So we set out to change that apparent absence of understanding…

…and thousands of people threw in, sending over 12,000 individual emails to Alberta’s oil patch since last Friday!

In response the Korea National Oil Corporation assured us on the phone that they are not currently supporting Enbridge’s project – translation: they are not contributing to the $100 million fund. “Don’t worry” they said.

That’s great! But we’re not worried, we’re confident. And now we’re setting out to communicate the strength of our united position to a key player in the tanker question: China

  • China could very well be the ‘Gateway wildcard’

  • They want support from Canadian politicians for a ‘strategic alliance’ with Canada, in which Alberta oil would be shipped to China via BC’s coast. 

  • China is sophisticated enough to recognize roadblocks when they see them, like opposition from BC’s First Nations and public. This is one of the reasons they pulled their support from Gateway in 2006, and have yet to re-commit.

We can help to keep it that way! By sending even more letters directly to China’s Ambassador to Canada (CC: Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper, who is visiting China in just over a week).