As you read this, a vast oil spill, likely to eclipse even the Exxon Valdez, is spreading across the Gulf of Mexico after a fire and explosion that killed eleven people aboard the British Petroleum oil drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon.

Help stop a similar disaster on Canada’s West Coast.

In response to the Gulf Spill, President Obama has called in the massive combined resources of the US Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Homeland Security. But whether this toxic tide of oil devastates hundreds of kilometres of fragile US coastal ecosystems and the precious wetlands of the Mississippi delta will depend on which way the wind blows, not on the forces the US President can muster.

In Canada our government and business leaders aren’t heeding the warning and continue to support a project that would bring supertankers loaded with millions of barrels of oil to our Pacific coast.  One day it might be the citizens of British Columbia watching helplessly as toxic oil creeps towards our own pristine shores, teeming with unsuspecting birds and marine life.

View this video on what this spill means for Canada. Take Action now to prevent a similar catastrophe on our shores.  

To ensure such a tragedy never happens here, the team at the Dogwood Initiative is pushing our leaders to permanently ban oil tankers on BC’s north coast.

We still have time to prevent the threat of a catastrophic oil spill on our own  coast.  But there is not a moment to lose.

 Take Action Today – Sign the No Tankers petition