LUSH cosmetics is known for being controversial.

In 2010, LUSH staff in stores across Canada took off their clothes and donned barrel outfits to protest the expansion of the oil sands. Earlier this year, LUSH staged an unsettling performance in their London store that subjected performance artist Jacqueline Traides to the kinds of tests performed on animals used by the cosmetics industry. Edgy stuff.

We like to work with people who are willing to go out on a limb and try interesting and risky things. That’s why it was a natural fit for us to team up with LUSH this June.

They’re hosting “polling stations” in their stores and are asking customers to vote against the Enbridge tanker and pipeline proposal, effectively signing our No Tankers petition in the process. They’re also donating 100 per cent of proceeds from their Charity Pot product to Dogwood Initiative.

When Enbridge announced a new $5 million ad campaign in B.C. last week, due in no small part to the opposition to the project across the province, the wonderful people at LUSH decided to make a spoof of Enbridge’s TV ad with some input from us as a rejoinder (you can watch the original Enbridge ad, if you want).