Lillooet takes a stand

Lillooet is another BC community hit hard by government cutbacks and policies that remove money and jobs from rural BC.

And they are responding with a novel idea – a regional trust, funded by the province, in recognition of the economic value of the area to the province.

It’s an observation we’ve made many times at Dogwood Initiative – that corporations, the provincial government, and the major urban centres in BC find phenomenal economic utility in BC’s land and resources. But it’s a one-way relationship – much like rape.

And some communities have recognized what’s going on and are taking a stand. For example: Kitimat, the Youbou Timberless Society.

First Nations, too, are asserting their Aboriginal Rights and Title to the land and its resources. Check out the First Nations section of the Dogwood Initiative website, and the Title and Rights Alliance website.

In Lillooet, “the Bridge River hydro system, the oldest and perhaps the the most profitable in the province, is seen to pump money into the provincial coffers with nothing coming back”, according to Vancouver Sun editor, Don Cayo. See Job losses creating a catastrophe in Lillooet

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