Jordan River News, Walk and Talk

VICTORIA – This Sunday November 2, from 1-3pm, Dogwood Initiative is inviting residents of the Juan de Fuca Electoral area to reflect on the meaning and importance of maintaining the character of their communities.  

A guided trail walk, poetry reading and information session will update residents on the status of WFP subdivision application and give them the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the unique nature of the area.

The lands near Jordan River are once again in the news after Dogwood Initiative’s discovery that Western Forest Products has sold 614 acres of its former tree farm license lands adjacent to the Juan de Fuca marine park to developer Ender Ilkay.

“The community needs time to regroup and reflect,” commented Maurita Prato, Dogwood Initiative’s forest campaigner. “People are concerned with the continuing threat of urban sprawl and frustrated about being kept in the dark about important decisions that affect the character of their communities.”  

Residents continue to be infuriated by Minister of Forests, Pat Bell’s refusal to revisit his predecessors decision which allowed for the sale of Western Forest Products former tree farm lands on the island without adequate consultation of compensation. Bell’s decision last week to compensate residents of the Kootneys for lands deleted from their local tree farm licenses has only added fuel to the fire.

“There is a lot of frustration out there,” says Prato. “It’s not just a cup of tea and a nice walk we are offering, it’s a way for the community to come together and think about their future.”

What: Jordan River Walk & Talk
When: Sunday November 2nd from 1-3 pm
Where: Shirley Community Hall. (The big red building) West Coast Road at Sheringham point. 21km west of Sooke on Hwy 14.


Contact: Maurita Prato 250-858-9990