Anger. Frustration. Despair. These are the feelings many of us have when we read the news these days. If it’s not our prime minister vowing to send oil to Asia, it’s Canada backing out of the Kyoto protocol on climate change.

Here in B.C., we’re in a classic David and Goliath battle – First Nations and thousands of British Columbians going head to head with the multinational oil industry and the powerful Conservative government that wants to bring oil supertankers to our coast.

No one is going to stop the oil tankers for us. Please pitch in $20 today. You might think a few dollars is just a drop in the bucket, but it’s actually what makes this whole operation possible.

This story is going to play out in media all over the world and it’s humbling to think that you and I are at the centre of it all, standing together for a future we believe in.

I draw inspiration from that knowledge every day. So when I read the headlines I also feel a tremendous amount of hope and resolve -resolve to attract even more people to stand with us; resolve to force provincial politicians to stand up for the people they represent; and resolve to make investors and governments recognize the rights of the First Nations who oppose this project.

We can achieve these things, but it’s going to take a tremendous amount of people power to get this done. We are relying on your support to raise $100,000 to keep our programs going next year. For the cost of going to the movies, you can help us reach our goal. Please give $20 before Dec. 31.

None of us can do this alone. We’ve always relied on each other to build our campaign in opposition to oil tankers on our coast. A group of donors has promised to match whatever you can give. I hope you’ll take them up on it.

Despite some disheartening things in the news lately, there have been plenty of good news stories this year related to our work.

  • Thousands of you made history by registering to speak at public hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project. The National Energy Board just announced the decision on Enbridge’s pipeline is going to be delayed by at least a year due to the overwhelming public outcry.
  • Mayors on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland are already raising concerns about proposals for expansion of oil tanker traffic in southern waters.
  • In November’s municipal elections, leaders who oppose oil tankers were elected all over the province, showing just how many British Columbians this issue resonates with.
  • Columnists and financial analysts continue to refer to the Northern Gateway pipeline as being nothing more than a pipe dream.

Please help us achieve more great successes in 2012 by donating $20 today. As each new donation comes in, we are reminded of who we are working for – we are working for you and thousands of people like you.