Wondering what you can do this week (Feb 23-27) for the Future of BC Forests?


Here are 3 simple actions:

1. Vote on Forests to Development.  Go to Parksville Qualicum News- Question of the week poll  and vote on whether forest land should be turned into real estate developments.   At the time of writing 88% say no!

2.  Write to the CRD Parks in support of continuing and increasing the Land Acquisition Fund.

Much of the parkland that has been acquired by the CRD in the last decade has been paid for from a  levy on our taxes that averages $10 a year to each household. This ‘Land Acquisition Fund’ was started in 2000 and was set to run for ten years, so it comes up for renewal this year. The CRD Parks Board will soon be voting on whether to continue this levy, increase it, or discontinue it.

There is still no CRD parkland west of Sooke! Without this levy there will be little money available to acquire more land. The levy brings in $1,700,000. a year and is used strictly for land purchases. 

Send your letter to: Lloyd Rushton  lrushton@crd.bc.ca and Jeff Ward  – jward@crd.bc.ca

Better yet, send a paper copy to:

CRD Parks Committee,
625 Fisgard St.,
Victoria, BC
V8W 1R7

3.  Attend the South Skirt Mountain Public Hearing

Today, Monday Feb 23, 7 pm, Langford City Hall, 877 Goldstream Ave.

Here is your chance to speak up in support of forestlands on South Skirt Mountain- rather than continued resort development.

The meeting isn’t just for Langford residents — everyone concerned about South Skirt Mountain, Florence Lake, SPAET and Victoria’s Greenbelt can come and witness.  For more information and rides out to the event tonight call: 250-885-8219.