Elizabeth May speaks on "Clearing the Air on Climate Change"

Clearing the Air on Climate Change: A National Speaking Tour on the Environmental Impacts of a Rapidly Expanding AthabascaTar Sands

Noted environmentalist and Officer of the Order of Canada,Elizabeth May, will be in Victoriaon Tuesday, June 6th, for a free public talk as part of a national speakingcampaign, the topic “Clearing the Air on Climate Change

“There is no question that Canada’srising greenhouse gas emissions are largely due to the rapid expansion of the Athabascatar sands. Each barrel of tar sands oil produces three times as much GreenhouseGases as conventionally produced oil, says May

By 2015, up to 97 million tonnes of greenhousegases will come from the tar sands alone. The tar sands are consuming vast quantities of water, as muchas 6 barrels of water for every one barrel of oil produced.,” said ElizabethMay.

“The question is whether Canadawill be known as a Nature Nation or a Tar Nation, said Ms. May. ” Recently, the Harper governmenthas been reneging on its international obligations for the first commitmentperiod under Kyoto (2008 to2012). The revelation that the Harper government’s strategy in negotiations wasto reject future commitments and block global action is appalling,” May added.

“Canadahas to take its responsibilities seriously. Responding to the threat of climatechange requires that we take a hard look at the environmental and healthdisaster in the Athabasca Tar Sands,” May concluded.

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