Double standards in BC's rural communities

As part of their pre-election strategy, the Liberals are plowing a lot of money – $20 million – into communities and roads in the northeast of BC. It has little to do with need. These are communities already in an economic boom due to unprecedented gas exploration and production, and of course there’s an unprecedented level of energy revenues flowing to the provincial treasury. But the money to the riding? Not a coincidence – it’s the electoral riding for Energy and Mines Minister Richard Neufeld. See “Oil and Gas strategy has cash for communities“.

Meanwhile, in the northwest of the province, communities are threatened with economic collapse, unable to provide anything to provincial coffers. The Liberals side with Alcan versus the town and people of Kitimat. For all of that, historical voting indicates strong right-wing support, and MLA Roger Harris will be difficult to beat, if he runs again following his heart attack in February. See “James blasts Liberals over power sales“.

On May 17, put your vote where it will make a difference.

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