Dogwood Quiz #1: Who wrote this?

Folks, we haven’t done this before at Dogwood Initiative. From time to time we’re going to post a little quiz. And you can win something: your name on our website, recognition, fame, maybe even something more, umm, tangible, with cash value. No, forget the cash value.

We guarantee that each quiz will have relevance to hot land and resource issues in British Columbia.

With this first quiz, we’ll post the question. If no-one gets it right, we’ll post a clue … and another … and so on, until someone gives us the correct answer.

Here’s the quote.

People like you are giving our youngsters the mistaken impression that the world is “overpopulated”. This may be a factor driving down still further our dangerously low natural rates of reproduction.

I believe that negative population growth saps a nation’s esprit, manifestly contributes to lower economic growth, higher unemployment and, in the long term, is going to put an enormous burden of caring for people like you and I onto a small and shrinking base of younger people producing goods and services for consumption. The final stage in this evolution would be involuntary euthanasia.

Your task: tell us who said it. More points if you can say when, and the context for the comment.

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