Dogwood Initiative

Media Release
For immediate release 12/05/2011

Dogwood Initiative Applauds CRD decision

(Victoria, BC) – Yesterday, at the end of a 1 hour closed-door meeting with their lawyers, the CRD board took major steps toward protecting the region from urban sprawl.

Having been overwhelmed with letters, phone calls and protests from people concerned about reckless development on the CRDs farms and forests, the board created a policy on how and when to pursue legal action against municipalities that violate the Regional Growth Strategy.  

“In the past few months thousands of people have asked the CRD to intervene and prevent real estate speculators like Ender Ilkay and Ian Vantreight from destroying our home,” said Gordon O’Connor, Vancouver Island Campaigner for the Dogwood Initiative. “It is encouraging to see the board taking steps that will help protect this area for future generations.”

The CRD board decided to change its decision making structure last month when it became apparent that the board had no jurisdiction to stop a five-person committee from approving the application to build 266 houses along 17 km of Juan de Fuca trail. Minister Ida Chong subsequently vetoed this decision, stating that the board already has mechanisms in place to stop the project. After hearing advice from their staff and lawyers the board determined this to be false and committed to meeting with the minister and the premier to re-submit their demand for a new voting system.

“The CRD has made a democratic decision to change their voting structure so that they can do a better job representing our community,” said O’Connor. “There is absolutely no reason for Ida Chong and Christy Clark to deny our community this simple request.”

At the start of the meeting the Dogwood Initiative unveiled a spectacular 3 metre-tall mural that over 200 people contributed to. Titled Not For Sale the painting is a collection of statements and images about why the Juan de Fuca region should be protected from urban sprawl (Click on the picture below for a downloadable high resolution image).

Contact: Gordon O’Connor 250-857-5215