Dogwood Cute? Never

We have been getting some interesting feedback to our recent appeal to protect our BC’s endangered Orca’s. If you haven’t seen it yet the campaign focuses on the newest member of the southern resident orca population. We (Dogwood Initiative and our partner organizations that, represented by Ecojustice, are suing the federal government) have nicknamed her SARA in recognition of the role she is playing in demanding that the federal government lives up to its obligations under the species at risk act.

The campaign is looking at the threats that all our orcas face through the lens of this one young whale. Tragically many killer whale calves don’t survive their first year and in fact SARA won’t get her official name until she makes it through the winter. Until then she’ll be known as J44 to the scientific community.

But the response to the campaign has been mixed. While it’s raised over $3000 and many of our supporters have enjoyed learning about SARA and identify with the struggles she faces others have said that it’s a transparent attempt to pull on heartstrings. We should stick to the hard facts.

I’d love to hear what you think. Is there a better way to talk about the threat that pollution, ocean noise, poor fisheries management and tankers pose to our resident orca population?

Please leave your comments below, or include a message when you make an online donation to the endangered orca campaign.