With our efforts to protect BC’s coast from supertankers gaining momentum the oil industry predictably is pushing back. The story they try to tell is one of environment vs. economy, but the battle is really one of deep hearts vs. deep pockets. We know how much we love our coast.

Often we try to measure that love in numbers; petition signatures, loonie decals, letters to MP’s and oil company executives, donations… But it can be easier to see that love in individual acts of courage and generosity. A tremendous example of that can be seen now in Cycle for the Seas.

To raise awareness about the threat of oil tankers on our coast Hannah (20) and Tyese (19) are making a 1200 km journey by bike and boat from Victoria to Kitimat. The journey began on June 27th and Hannah and Tyese are now half way up the island, pedaling from community to community with a powerful message. Each one of us has the power to protect that which we love.

The two young women have dedicated their time and energy to make this trip happen and their extraordinary journey has inspired others to open their hearts.  Their blog is full of remarkable acts of kindness from the strangers they’ve met along the way. When their little green tent was stolen a few days ago a local family quickly offered the girls a replacement so they could continue their journey.

Read more about Cycle for the Seas on their blog.