Coalbed methane company plans to truck produced water to Alberta

This week’s Similkameen Spotlight has three items which should interest those following coalbed methane issues. In brief:

1. A half page ad by Petrobank, the company drilling for coalbed methane in the Princeton Coalfield.

“Our company is working on a natural gas from coal (NGC) project located 4.5 km southwest of Princeton.”

The ad has three brief sections entitled “About Us”, “Our Work” and “Natural Gas from Coal: Water Management”

“Every coal seam is different and water levels are unknown until drilling commences. That is why Petrobank has in place a “best practices” water management strategy to effectively deal with the water produced from NGC wells.”

“All water produced from this well will be trucked for injection into a government approved water disposal well in either British Columbia or Alberta.”

Can’t you just picture all those trucks hauling water to Alberta!

2. Methane petition released

“Citizens Concerned about Coalbed Methane (CCCBM) has put forth a petition making some demands regarding coalbed methane.” … (see Dogwood Initiative bulletin and the petition for more information.)

3. Landowner says government expropriated rights

A Princeton man says his landowner rights have been violated by unfair government practices. Brad Hope says when the B.C. government passed the “Coalbed Gas Act” he lost the rights to gas underneath his property. (see bulletin and the Times-Colonist article)

“They never contacted the landowners. And there are hundreds of people in B.C. that have been affected by this.”

Similkameen Spotlight

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