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Face-to-face with Enbridge

02.12.13 | No Tankers, Organizer Profiles |  Dogwood

Terry Dance-Bennink is a breast cancer survivor who volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society and local environmental groups. She’s a former vice-president academic of an Ontario community college and a writer/personal historian. With some trepidation, I signed up to speak at the Enbridge hearings in Victoria last January. I felt I had a duty to […]

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Singing for our coast

01.15.13 | No Tankers, Organizer Profiles |  Lyndsey Easton

Once a month on a Sunday afternoon, Janet Silman joins about 12 other women in the living room of a Central Saanich home. They start with tea and coffee, sometimes with fruit or chocolate, and then begin with an opening: a question for the group, a political discussion or perhaps a Mary Oliver poem. Soon […]

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Knock the Vote, Victoria!

01.15.13 | Election - BC 2013, No Tankers, Organizing |  Celine Trojand

Victoria cooled to a chilly -2 C on Friday after the hottest activist-driven day of 2013 thus far: eight days of Enbridge hearings in Victoria had wrapped, rallies and flotillas occupied the harbour and Idle No More protests converged in Victoria’s Centennial Square. Dogwood, however, had one last action up its sleeve. As dusk set […]

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Presenters in Victoria tell review panel to say no to Enbridge — 253 times

01.15.13 | Actions, No Tankers |  Emma Gilchrist

“This didn’t occur to me – I mean that I would react this way. I’m an ex-Marine. I don’t do this,” Bill Gaylord said, choking back tears, as he addressed the panel reviewing Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline proposal last week in Victoria. It was a particularly poignant moment amongst seven days worth of poignant […]

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What you did this year

12.12.12 | Fundraising, No Tankers, Organizing |  Emma Gilchrist

When I sat down to write this blog, I began describing the tremendous success we’ve had in 2012 – but the truth is it’s your success. Every bit of progress we’ve made in protecting B.C.’s coast this year is because of your petition signatures, your donations, your stories, your volunteer hours, your Facebook posts, your […]

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B.C.-wide rallies reveal depth of No Tankers movement

11.14.12 | No Tankers, Organizing |  Celine Trojand

Just before noon on October 24, Gabriela Hirt stood outside MLA Ida Chong’s office on Vancouver Island, her heart aflutter. “I looked at my watch: almost noon,” she thought as panic set in. About 150 people stood in front of her. She held the megaphone and they were looking to her for direction. Hirt admits […]

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Family Affair

10.10.12 | Organizer Profiles |  Lyndsey Easton

It’s a fun and popular means of showing off your undoubtedly superior taste in music: sporting a T-shirt of your favourite band or maybe one from their most recent tour. Essentially, we pick our T-shirts to show our personal interests. And so it was that Lynn Horvat of Vancouver went looking for a No Tankers […]

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The Vancouver No Tankers rally in pictures

04.03.12 | No Tankers, Organizing |  Karl Hardin

On March 26, more than 2,000 people came together for the No Tankers: Our Coast, Our Decision rally in Vancouver. These photos capture some of the spirit of the day. Copyright Ilijc Albanese ilijc.tumblr.comAll Rights Reserved        

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