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People, place and power

12.23.15 | News, Organizing |  Kai Nagata

This is a blog post about voting reform, though I’m going to start by talking about Star Wars. Bear with me you must. The enemy in the original Star Wars trilogy is the Galactic Empire, and its signature act of despotism is the destruction of Alderaan, Princess Leia’s home world. Nobody wants to feel like […]

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North Island Election Report

12.18.15 | Commentary, Organizing |  Dave Mills

I finally woke up a couple of days ago with enough creative energy to sit down and put some thoughts to paper about my experience in Canada’s 42nd general election. A full month had passed since opposition parties stormed to resounding victories in Vancouver Island’s two northern ridings – both held by Conservatives for the […]

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A partnership that works!

11.10.15 | Commentary, Organizing, Strategy |  Dogwood

Dogwood and the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) linked arms over a year ago to prepare for the federal election. The partnership took a lot of work, but it became a highlight of our election campaign in the capital region. Everyone loves a good partnership, but like a marriage, partnerships are notoriously difficult to manage. […]

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Strategic voting didn’t defeat Harper. Voter turnout did.

10.23.15 | Commentary, Organizing, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

History rarely repeats itself, but it does rhyme. Long before Justin Trudeau ever contemplated a life in politics, his father stoked the embers of Western alienation that would give rise to the Reform movement. Driven by a fiery hatred for the legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Reform MPs like Stephen Harper led the unified Conservative […]

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You’ve been downgraded to letter-writer!

09.14.15 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, Organizing |  Laura Benson

Revitalizing democracy is hard. Sometimes it means making hard decisions where the correct path isn’t clear. I felt that when it came time to decide whether to submit comments to the National Energy Board (NEB) on the Kinder Morgan pipeline and oil tanker proposal. I was torn. Like my colleague Kai Nagata – and tens […]

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They heard from us anyway – thousands of us

08.31.15 | Actions, Beyond Coal, Commentary, Organizing |  Laura Benson

On a late summer Friday in Ladner, even the local fishmonger was clamouring to give the port authority a piece of his mind. Seven Dogwood Initiative organizers had gathered at the shopping centre where Port Metro Vancouver has its only “community office” to round up last-minute comments from local residents on Fraser Surrey Docks’ proposal […]

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The fox guarding the henhouse

08.13.15 | Actions, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Even recent history has a tendency to repeat itself. One year ago, in the depths of August, top bureaucrats at Port Metro Vancouver approved a permit for a new export terminal at Fraser Surrey Docks to ship thermal coal from the U.S. But Fraser Surrey Docks has gone back to the port authority for a […]

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