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The No Tankers movement could change politics in B.C. forever

01.24.14 | Actions, Citizens' Initiative, Commentary, No Tankers, Strategy |  Will Horter

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” – Sir Winston Churchill In December when the federal review panel announced their recommendation to approve Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline proposal I was disappointed, but not surprised. I always knew it would come down to a political decision. Still, […]

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The first steps of organizing

01.24.14 | Actions, No Tankers, Organizer Profiles, Organizing, Strategy |  Lyndsey Easton

If enough British Columbians pledge to sign up their friends, family and neighbours, it will be politically disastrous for Premier Clark if she does not stand up for B.C. against risky oil tanker proposals. That’s because together, we’ll have the people-power necessary to organize the hundreds of thousands of people across the province required to […]

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Presenters in Victoria tell review panel to say no to Enbridge — 253 times

01.15.13 | Actions, No Tankers |  Emma Gilchrist

“This didn’t occur to me – I mean that I would react this way. I’m an ex-Marine. I don’t do this,” Bill Gaylord said, choking back tears, as he addressed the panel reviewing Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline proposal last week in Victoria. It was a particularly poignant moment amongst seven days worth of poignant […]

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Today is the last day to register to speak at Enbridge hearings

09.20.11 | Actions, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

So far, 1,440 people on 243 teams have signed up as part of our Mob the Mic action to make official statements of opposition to the review panel looking at Enbridge’s oil pipeline and supertanker proposal to B.C.’s coast. Amazing! Today is the last day to register. Take a look at the team totals below. […]

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Change Is Not Just a Click Away

11.22.10 | Actions, Commentary |  Will Horter

Activists, those of us who work to change the world from what it is to what we believe it should be, face enormous challenges: An economy obsessed with unsustainable growth; leaders promoting decisions which will inevitably result in catastrophic changes in climate that threaten civilization as we know it; Disparities in wealth; Access to wholesome […]

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NoTankers: On the Path to Victory

08.06.10 | Actions, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

On July 26th, it became apparent that Enbridge – the same company that wants to bring two tar sands pipelines and 225 oil supertankers per year to the north coast of BC – was responsible for a crude oil spill of close to 4 million litres into a Michigan river. Dogwood Initiative sent out a […]

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Want an Oil Tanker Ban? Tell the Federal Liberals

06.03.10 | Actions, Let BC Vote |  Eric Swanson

Watch this video to get a sense of the historic ‘Solidarity Gathering of Nations’ event that took place in Kitimaat Village on May 29th. Then click here to write a letter to coastal members of parliament, and leadership with the Liberal Party of Canada asking for a permanent, legislated oil tanker ban for BC’s north […]

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Royal Bank Target of New Campaign

03.02.09 | Actions, Beyond Coal, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Some snow had fallen overnight in Vancouver, and though the streets were clear by morning the chill of it remained, penetrating painfully into hands and feet. A group of us were standing opposite the monolithic Vancouver Convention Center, the faux white sail roof standing as a striking architectural tribute to the power of wind and […]

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