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Unspinning the BC Budget

03.02.10 | Commentary |  Charles Campbell

The question you have to ask at the BC budget lock up is what’s the difference between the future the BC government says it’s creating and what the numbers actually tell us. While Colin Hansen is quick to point to new money for the Live Smart program and ‘clean energy’ the money allocated pales in […]

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A Public Relations War on all Fronts

03.01.10 | Commentary |  Eric Swanson

BC government aims to win hearts and minds in battle to open the province up to more mining, oil and gas Beyond rhetoric about improving competitiveness and establishing the province as a centre for innovation, among the most concrete strategies suggested in the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources 2010/11-2012/13 Service Plan are government […]

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10th Key Question of 2010

03.01.10 | Commentary |  Will Horter

Question 10: What happened to the Climate Action Team? David Copperfield should visit Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell to learn how to make things disappear. They are both becoming experts, particularly related to energy matters. Harper’s Conservative’s conveniently ignore the 1972 moratorium on oil tanker traffic in northern BC waters – saying it never existed […]

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9th Key Questions of 2010:

02.25.10 | Commentary |  Will Horter

Question 9: Will budget shortfalls trump action on global warming? The upcoming announcements of the provincial and federal budgets will be litmus tests for whether our governments are more concerned about our long-term economic survival or scoring short-term political points. The economic downturn means Victoria and Ottawa will be facing declining revenues and budget deficits. […]

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8th Key Questions of 2010: Budget Priorities?

02.24.10 | Commentary |  Will Horter

 Question 8: Will BC prioritize green jobs and energy conservation or simply more subsidies to fossil fuel companies? Like many British Columbians I await next week’s budget with some anticipation. Will Gordon Campbell prioritize taxpayer money to ease the transition to a more efficient, sustainable economy or try to resurrect the old comodity export driven economy? […]

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The Commons

02.23.10 | Commentary |  Gordon O'Connor

There are few places in the world that enjoy a connection to place as passionate and pronounced as the one we benefit from in the CRD.  We have the privilege of living in proximity to one of the world’s most iconic forests and spectacular coast lines on an island that is so rich with resources, […]

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7th Key Questions of 2010

02.23.10 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Will Horter

Question 7: Will campaign finance reform happen in 2010? Except for a few party diehards, virtually everyone in BC wants to get big money out of politics. Overwhelmingly, British Columbians are suspicious of donations from non-voters like corporations and unions.  Yet the influence of money grows. It is the “Wild West” in British Columbia. The […]

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6th Key Questions of 2010

02.22.10 | Commentary, No Tankers |  Will Horter

Question 6: Will a new super tanker port be built in Kitimat to ship tar sands oil to China? Big oil in North America is keen to water down US climate change legislation and low carbon fuel standards and with the help of their Canadian friends in the tar sands they just might get their […]

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