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The World According to Lunn

06.26.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

NRCan’s Minister ‘truth’ veers farther from the facts. After months of silence Gary Lunn has finally come out and stated publicly “Canada’s New Government’s” position on the moratorium on tanker traffic through the Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. According to the Tories it never existed. Those reams of official federal government documents, […]

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Minister Lunn's denial of tanker moratorium is pure fiction

06.13.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

The following is an expanded version of a Letter to the Editor sent to the Victoria Times Colonist responding to an article on tankers. The gloves have come off. After 18 months of obfuscations and dodging phonecalls from reporters and constituents, Minster Gary Lunn, the MP from Saanich-Gulf Islands has finally stated publicly what was […]

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Shhhh, don't wake the public

06.12.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

The big hush around oil tankers Recent breaches to the 1972 moratorium that bans oil tanker traffic in the inside coastal waters of BC’s north coast are finally getting some attention. Papers from the Province to the Globe and Mail have reported the story as have numerous radio stations. While there is now a buzz […]

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Shell’s takeover raises concerns in BC

06.08.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Environmental and Human rights concerns raised in Royal Dutch Shell’stakeover of Shell Canada  The wave offoreign takeovers of Canadian corporations is setting off alarm bells in Ottawa and in corporate boardrooms across Canada. Thefeeding frenzy has already consumed Canadian mining giants such as INCO andFalconbridge, steelmaker Dofasco and even iconic brewer Labatt. Alcan and BCEare […]

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Believe! – Earth Day 2007

05.07.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

It’samazing to be here today in Victoria.It’s marvelous to celebrate with so many like minded people who care about theplanet. I’m sure will hear some great speeches, some fabulousmusic here today. It will exciting, uplifting. But in a few hours after thecelebration we’ll all have to go home When we wake up on Monday morning […]

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05.05.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Some time ago western civilization faced acrisis of unprecedented proportions. A crisis that had profound impacts on thefuture of the world. A crisis driven by Western Europe and North America, butthat impacted the fate of millions in Asia and Africa and the Caribbean. The politics were bare knuckled. Opponentsasserted change would have devastating economic consequences. […]

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Corporate benefit, public loss

05.01.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Big returns for BC Liberal donors “The bounty to the white-herring fishery is a tonnage bounty [subsidy]; and is proportioned to the burden of the ship, not to her diligence or success in the fishery; and it has, I am afraid, been too common for vessels to fit out for the sole purpose of catching, […]

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How many light bulbs…

04.10.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

It’s a heady time for environmentalists. If we look back to the last federal election campaign, nary a word was mentioned about the environment. A year later, politicians are falling over themselves to present themselves as green. Previous climate change deniers and skeptics are now anxious to jump on board the new hybrid/bio-diesel bandwagon and […]

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