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The Trick or Treat of Climate Change

11.06.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

Taking a young child trick or treating is always an interesting exercise for a parent. I seem to spend a lot of time teaching my kids about the dangers of the world and what they should be afraid of. In the case of Halloween however the rewards come to those who face their fears. That […]

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Fabric of a Community

11.02.07 | In Depth |  Arthur Caldicott

Community is in some respects like a fabric, with all its individual strands woven together into something functional, robust, and often beautiful. The strength of both, fabric and community, is magical–they are held together without visible glue or bolts or welds. In this sense, community is a function of the invisible bonds and relationships between […]

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The stillborn history of LNG in BC

11.02.07 | In Depth |  Arthur Caldicott

From financial woes to community opposition, LNG proposals have never taken route in BC. 1982  The province approved a $1.7 billion pipeline and liquefaction terminal project called Western LNG, to be built near Prince Rupert. It was a partnership of Dome Petroleum and other Canadian and Japanese businesses. 20-year agreements with Japanese customers were secured, […]

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Valuing our Coastal Values

10.29.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

reprinted from Lands and People, Autumn 2007 Close your eyes and think of your special place on BC’s coast. What do you value about that place? What’s your dream for its future? Here we go again, another oil spill on the coast. This time it’s diesel in a whale sanctuary; last month it was a […]

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WFP TFL scheme: Born in Scandal

10.24.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Another betrayal of the public trust?       Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of     power, corrupt power.                 -George Bernard Shaw There is no better example of the power of money and influence than the scandals associated with the creation and deletion of Tree Farm Licences […]

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Shell plans full steam ahead in Sacred Headwaters

10.09.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Shell’s plans to renew drilling for Coalbed methane in the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Skeena and Nass watersheds, this winter if possible. To expedite this Shell plans to go ahead with its now adjourned injunction application sometime in the next few months. In other words Shell will continue to seek authorization for the BC […]

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Oil executives are right (kind of…)

09.25.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

National energy strategy needed I seldom agree with the policy suggestions of corporate CEOs, particularly oil and gas executives. Their proposalsare usually a self-serving brew of tax cuts, subsidies and deregulation expertly wrapped by high-paid spin doctors in the maple leaf to fool Canadians into supporting initiatives that are contrary to the broader public interest. […]

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Shell Campaign Escalates

09.24.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Royal Dutch Shell is in for a run for its money in BC’s Sacred Headwaters. The struggle to “Get the (S)hell out of the Sacred Headwaters” should inspire people everywhere who care about justice, equity and sustainability. Tahltan elders like Jenny Quock, Mabel Dennis and Lillian Moyer remind us of how to be courageous, while […]

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