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New Year Reflections

01.09.08 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

The New Year brings with it the opportunity to take stock of our accomplishments and look to the future. 2007 was a momentous year for Dogwood Initiative. Not only has the organization grown, but, more importantly, the idea of creating a sustainable BC based on community engagement and local control took root in communities around […]

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Shell's Dirty Hands

12.21.07 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

In the latest chapter of a story that has seen the third largest corporation in the world arrest grandmothers, and sue elders for lost revenue, Royal Dutch Shell appears to be withholding information from the provincial government in the hopes of avoiding further delays to their coalbed methane ambitions for the Sacred Headwaters of northwest […]

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Coastal Vigilance

12.20.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

Since the late sixties David Anderson has kept a lookout for oil and gas projects on BC’s coast. Now it’s time for the next generation to take the watch. Charles Campbell: When were you first alerted to the issues of oil tankers on our north coast? David Anderson:  When the Prudhoe Bay Field was discovered […]

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Same old sweetheart royalty schemes

12.07.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

The last few months saw another Canadian province facing scrutiny for its failure to collect a “fair share” of the monetary value of public assets granted to resource companies. The recent controversy over low oil and gas royalties in Alberta garnered sustained headlines across the country. Much of the coverage framed the issue as if […]

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Hope vs. Fear

12.03.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

A little over two weeks ago my wife gave birth to our first baby. Asha Hope was born after being in her mothers womb only 25 weeks and weighed under two pounds. Having thought that I had another three months to prepare for fatherhood our little girls unexpected arrival was a shock. We’ve lived through […]

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Lessons from the Queen

11.29.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

As oil continues to seep from the sunken Queen of the North, the community of Hartley Bay is preparing to defend itself against larger threats; oil tankers. Caitlyn Vernon The Gitga’at people of Hartley Bay know what an oil spill looks like, and how it smells. The sinking of the BC ferry, Queen of the […]

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East/West Divide

11.13.07 | In Depth |  Will Horter

The Harper government is aggressively defending the East Coast against several LNG proposals. Why isn’t British Columbia getting the same treatment? “…let me be absolutely clear. We oppose the passage of LNG tanker traffic through Head Harbour, and we will continue to do so.” – Stephen Harper While rattling sabres to protect east coast waters […]

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Spills will happen

11.12.07 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

  The habitat and species that would be impacted by an oil spill along the coast of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest.

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