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Robert Bateman defaces painting

08.19.08 | In Depth |  Maurita Prato

  Concept: Rethink Communications Director and Editor: Bill Weaver, Across Borders Media; Cinematography: David Malysheff, Gamut Productions / Bill Weaver; Music: Niels Petersen, Lebeau-Petersen Productions; And, many thanks to Robert Bateman….

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Telling Stories from 2050- How Do BC Forests Fare?

06.20.08 | In Depth |  Maurita Prato

Yesterday I was part of a ‘forest futures’ scenario project developed by the Sustainable Forest Management Network of Canada (SFMN).  The project has been compiling input on four futuristic scenario stories from forest and forestry geeks across the country.  Victoria was the last stop for this particular phase of the project’s journey. The participants in […]

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Crashing Shell's Party

06.09.08 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

A giant wind turbine rotated slowly within view of the entrance to the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto, providing a fitting backdrop for the Gala of the 2008 Canadian Environment Awards, hosted by Canadian Geographic magazine in honor of those dedicating their energy, creativity, and passion to making this country and its environment healthier. […]

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Western Forest Products threatens to build acreages if Ida Chong approves new rules

04.11.08 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

Before I, and the rest of us at Dogwood, head off to enjoy a weekend in the sun, I thought I would take a minute to comment on a recent development (i.e. reported on in today’s Times Colonist) in the whole Jordan River / Western Forest Products / Tree Farm Deletion issue. Rundown on the […]

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BC Securities Commission investigating strange Western Forest Products trades

04.03.08 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

UPDATE (April 14th 2008): Due to the possible financial consequences associated with revealing who or who isn’t being investigated, the BC Securities Commission does not confirm or deny who they are investigating at any given time. The article below was written following a conversation with two BCSC staff – a subsequent conversation clarified that, for […]

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Energy Corridor proposed in Throne Speech sends shivers down the coast

02.14.08 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

The new Throne speech energy corridor proposal turns rumblings from a pipeline giant into a real threat of oil spills. Announcements by energy giant Enbridge and the BC government look to clear First Nation and environmental obstacles to tanker traffic along BC’s coast. But public opinion remains firmly against tankers on our coast. Two events […]

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Interview with a Granny

02.06.08 | In Depth |  Maurita Prato

Interview with a Granny Last week I was lucky to take time out of my busy schedule and gain some perspective from raging granny Gillian Sanderson. She was eager to share her perspective on our Forest Minister, Rich Coleman, and his decisions affecting our beloved coast.     When asked upfront about Coleman she quickly replied […]

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Addicted to Revenue

01.16.08 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

<P>When commentators refer to a global ‘addiction’ to fossil fuels, the addiction is typically meant to refer to the actual use of oil, gas, coal, etc. to power the mechanics of our modern, everyday lives -&nbsp;in&nbsp;essence&nbsp;the royal ‘we’ are&nbsp;addicted to the conveniences and status that cheap energy continues to provide. </P><P>The price of this addiction […]

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