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Call for CBM halt in BC comes from U.S.A.

05.04.04 | In Depth |  admin

Proposals for coal and coalbed methane development in the Flathead River watershed in south eastern British Columbia, are resulting in calls for a halt from Montana. In a resolution passed Monday, the Montana Flathead Basin Commission requested “the British Columbia government to immediately defer any action on coal bed methane and coal mining proposals until […]

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Canadian diplomacy, corporate style

05.02.04 | In Depth |  admin

Corporate Canada received a boost earlier this week when Paul Martin announced that an advocacy secretariat will be established at the Washington D.C embassy to lobby the U.S. Congress. It’s not that unusual for Canadian diplomats to be salespeople for corporate Canada’s special interest agenda. In fact, Canada’s embassies and consulates around the world are […]

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11 bidders "pre-qualified" in Call for Tenders

04.30.04 | In Depth |  admin

BC Hydro has narrowed the list of bidders in the Call for Tenders for Vancouver Island power solutions to 9 gas-fired projects, one wood waste, and one water. The best news: NO COAL! VI CFT Background BC Hydro issued the Vancouver Island Call for Tenders (VI CFT) document on October 31, 2003. The VI CFT […]

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Martin and softwood diplomacy

04.27.04 | In Depth |  admin

Figureheads posing for a photo-op. That is how I would characterize recent reports that Paul Martin and George Bush will discuss softwood lumber when they chat on April 30. It is virtually guaranteed that nothing will come of this chat. The Canadian government has had little to do with softwood negotiations for months, leaving the […]

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Oh what a little information about BC Rail can do

04.27.04 | In Depth |  admin

The Liberal government’s scandalous behavior in deceiving the public about the BC Rail privatization is not just a one-day political fender bender, it is a train wreck the could scuttle their hopes for re-election. New revelations reveal the government misled the public and lied to First Nations, all to secure some short-term revenue to offset […]

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Beauty, Liberal style

04.26.04 | In Depth |  admin

Bill Bennet, MLA for East Kootenay, in Hansard, April 26, 2004: “Some people hate the look of a clearcut, for example, and they don’t want clearcuts along highways and roads. I personally like the look of a clearcut.” Imagine that, based on your tastes, your government were planning to clearcut all the forests from Squamish […]

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Interfor VP Ric Slaco insults German school teacher

04.22.04 | In Depth |  admin

Ric Slaco is Chief Forester and a Vice-President at Interfor. In the letter below, he is replying to Angelika Hanko and some of her students, who wrote to Interfor from their school in Germany. Hanko’s letter was critical of Interfor’s practices, strong in tone, and in some instances factually incorrect. Slaco’s letter in reponse moves […]

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Cache Creek chicken blockade

04.16.04 | In Depth |  admin

Click here for the Cache Creek Landfill Song, a backgrounder on avian flu, and more materials Dateline: 6:00 PM, Friday, April 16, 2004 Meeting with Minister van Dongen in Abbotsford went reasonably well. Minister states that disposing of birds in landfill is the last option that will be resorted to under the Provincial Emergency Program […]

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