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The election and reconciling Aboriginal Title

06.21.04 | In Depth |  admin

The election on June 28 may have a big impact on First Nations in BC. Except for photo ops on National Aboriginal Day showing all the party leaders drumming with First Nations in whatever province they happened to be touring in, Aboriginal issue have been largely absent form the election. However, who wins power in […]

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Remembering Reagan

06.14.04 | In Depth |  admin

Kirk Anderson

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Get the big money out of BC politics

06.14.04 | In Depth |  admin

“Get big money out of B.C. politics,” Cowichan Valley resident Matt Price told the Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform. ( link to news story) “We need a change in the political finance law that limits contributions of big money interest,” he said. “Campaign contributions are buying influence on issues.” The list of major donors to […]

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In search of Liberal preservationists

06.08.04 | In Depth |  admin

This just in from British Columbia’s highly regarded political commentator, Vaughn Palmer: “The rumour mill suggests … that the Liberals are moving away from their own development-minded supporters toward a more preservationist viewpoint.” ( link) Not normally given to drawing from the rumour mill, Palmer is evidently listening to sources different than those that Dogwood […]

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Communities lose in timber reallocation

06.07.04 | In Depth |  admin

(Part 1 of a planned series of updates on community forestry) It has been 14 months since the BC government announced their reforms of BC’s forestry laws. The so-called reforms included a promise to take back 20% of logging rights from the major corporations, for reallocation to communities, First Nations, and auctions (to small business). […]

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BCBC: deal closed, public excluded

06.05.04 | In Depth |  admin

Sometimes we at Dogwood Initiative feel we could spend our days doing nothing but tracking secret privatization projects. From subtler schemes like the attempt to turn Victoria’s Crystal Garden Conservation Centre into a tacky tourist attraction (it seems the BC government and its developer friends feel we need something to replace the wax museum when […]

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Neufeld on Flathead: no coal mines but coalbed methane is a go

05.28.04 | In Depth |  admin

P R E S S R E L E A S E *For Immediate Release- May 28, 2004* Fernie Citizens Concerned About Coalbed Methane Applaud Cancellation of Flathead Valley Coal Mine Project Local Citizens Group Urges Provincial, State and Federal Governments to Extend Decision to British Columbia’s Plans for Coalbed Methane Extraction in Same Rocky […]

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Minister de Jong's spin on growing Aboriginal unrest

05.25.04 | In Depth |  admin

The growing unity and resolve of First Nations in BC has Gordon Campbell’s government nervous. While the government’s rhetoric on Aboriginal issues remains well scripted and rich in catch phrases, the reality is that relations are deteriorating quickly. Unless the Campbell government changes tack quickly, it will be a long, hot summer and fall. The […]

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