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Kinder Morgan admits its pipeline may be doomed

05.27.17 | Commentary, General, In Depth, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Risk disclosure warns investors: be prepared to lose it all It’s a rare dose of honesty from a company with a history of bending the truth. Kinder Morgan filed a final prospectus this week with securities regulators, setting the stage for a last-ditch attempt to raise enough cash to build its Trans Mountain expansion project. […]

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Climate change is not a left-right issue

03.23.15 | In Depth, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

Climate change shouldn’t be a left-wing versus right-wing political issue. I might take some flak for saying this, but “progressives” who claim only they have the correct ideas to fix the world are guilty of terrible hubris. And for “conservatives” to align themselves uncritically with global oil corporations betrays either intellectual laziness or cowardice. All […]

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Sorry if that e-mail I sent was creepy

11.15.14 | Commentary, In Depth |  Kai Nagata

I’m writing to apologise if you’re one of the Dogwood supporters who felt creeped out by an e-mail I sent on Wednesday. It’s the one that showed up in your inbox like this: {FIRST NAME}, our records show you haven’t voted in {MUNICIPALITY} If you opened the e-mail, the first line went like this: “Pardon […]

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Cash Giveaway Sends Startling Message

07.09.09 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

  SMITHERS (July 3, 2009) SkeenaWild Conservation Trust has devised an innovative poster to attract attention to its cause. The poster is entirely covered with removable $5 bills, beneath whichhides a startling message: If salmon disappear from the Skeena, so will$100 million from the local economy. It was unveiled on Smithers’ Main Street. And much […]

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Enbridge tries to keep community out of community meetings

07.03.09 | In Depth |  Charles Campbell

by Josh Paterson West Coast Environmental Law Over the past week, citizens packed the inaugural meetings of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines’ so-called “Community Advisory Board” in Kitimat, where the company’s proposed crude oil supertanker port would be built, and in nearby Terrace. Enbridge representatives, including president John Carruthers, heard a loud message that the […]

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BC-STV….what’s next?

06.15.09 | In Depth |  Guest Writer

by Jennie Milligan I used to love election day, not because I was excited about voting, but because I felt heartened to see my fellow citizens doing their civic duty.  I also liked the sense of purpose in the polling place and the seriousness with which the election workers took their duties. Election day gave me […]

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Why carbon taxes won’t work

04.28.09 | In Depth |  Will Horter

by Cliff Stainsby Second in a series on climate policy “Ban Carbon Emissions, Don’t Price them: Why Cap and Dividend is the Best Approach” identified five criteria for evaluating various plans to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions: scale, urgency, certainty, simplicity/transparency, and fairness. A response suggested that my claim that carbon taxes do not meet […]

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Fighting to protect Orcas from oil spills

04.20.09 | In Depth |  Will Horter

Killer whales in BC remain in trouble despite some recent action by thefederal government to designate their critical habitat.  That is why Dogwood Initiative and other environmentalgroups are in court to force the federal Departments of Fisheries and Oceans(DFO) to use all the tools at its disposal to protect Orcas Declining salmon stocks, physical and […]

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