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Coalbed methane alarm in Bulkley Valley

09.15.06 | In Depth |  admin

By a member of Citizens Concerned About CoalBed Methane An old farmer saying cautions against buying “a pig in a poke.” Itsorigin dates back to when market traders would offer to sell you apiglet in a “poke,” or sack. If you didn’t look in the sack, you mightlater discover an unpleasant surprise. Yet, this is […]

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Democracy at risk – Inaccurate financial reports not sanctioned

09.13.06 | In Depth |  admin

Democracy depends on transparency and the rule of law. Unfortunately, neither exists in the murky world of British Columbian election financing. We’re hoping you will help us to change that. Elections BC, a “non-partisan Office of the Legislature,” chose not to conduct a full investigation of Dogwood Initiative’s complaint that the BC Liberal Party failed […]

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Sustainable Solutions

09.11.06 | In Depth |  admin

Sustainable land reform by democratic means, brought about by people and groups working together. That is what Dogwood Initiative is about. If our goal is not a democratic, sustainable society, what the heck is it? An undemocratic, unsustainable one? Ludicrous. But the task of creating a sustainable society gets more difficult daily. Most of us […]

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34-year Old Oil Tanker Moratorium Being Violated

09.06.06 | In Depth |  admin

Recent events have heightened concerns about oil and gas projects proposed for British Columbia’s magnificent northern coast. On August 4, the cargo ship Westwood Anette rammed a pier near Squamish bursting its fuel tank and spewing nearly 30,000 litres of bunker fuel into Howe Sound. The oil quickly dispersed blackening the shoreline of the Squamish […]

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Action reignites in Sacred Headwaters

09.01.06 | In Depth |  admin

Tahltan stand up to Shell, bcMetals after First Nationsgather in sacred place A new standoff is brewing in the Sacred Headwaters, in Tahltan country. Last week bcMetals was prevented from moving drilling equipment to  begin clearing for a proposed gold mine near the town of Iskut.  Tahltan concerned about the cumulative impact of proposed mining […]

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Softwood – more stupid politics

08.28.06 | In Depth |  admin

Canada’s Conservative government claims to have resolved the longstanding softwood lumber dispute. Don’t count on it! After months, more like years, of confusing Canadian headlines whiplashing back and forth about the status of a potential softwood deal, at press time Mr. Harper’s minority government appears to have bludgeoned the disparate Canadian industry and governments into […]

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Cabinet shuffle raises concerns about First Nations progress

08.21.06 | In Depth |  admin

  Gordon Campbell’s decision to shuffle his cabinet during the summer recess surprised everyone. The media has portrayed Stan Hagen as the big loser becauseof his demotion to Tourism, Sports and the Arts because of the poor performance as Minister of Children and Family Development handling  the  Sherry Charlie file. First Nations might also be […]

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Softwood – It’s the politics stupid!

07.25.06 | In Depth |  admin

  Canadian headlines continue to whiplash back and forth about the status of a potential softwood deal with the U.S. After months of praise and uncritical reporting of the media and industry spin, current headlines are pessimistic about a deal being finalized. I’m not surprised. In fact, back in January I predicted no deal would […]

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