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What we do

11.24.06 | In Depth |  admin

What is Dogwood Initiative? Answering that question is one of the challenges we face. We don’t “sound-bite” well. When I was a volunteer I joined some lengthy discussions about how to get our message across succinctly. We eventually got it down to one paragraph. It starts like this: “Dogwood Initiative helps British Columbians exercise local […]

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Overcoming Obstacles

11.22.06 | In Depth |  admin

Community Forests need a level playing field to thrive Like the little engine that could, the growing community forest movement in BC is succeeding despite formidable obstacles. This summer, after many years of hard work by dozens of committed community activists, both Harrop-Procter and Likely-Xats’ull were offered long-term community forestry agreements. Robin Hood, manager of […]

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Dieting Harper Style

11.21.06 | In Depth |  admin

I’m embarrassed to say both Canada and I need to lose a few pounds. I would be healthier if I sweated off the twelve pounds I have added since 1990. Canada has a bigger challenge. Collectively we need to chop at least 240 million tonnes a year from our carbon emissions by the end of […]

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New transmission line equals secret subsidy for BC Liberal supporters

11.15.06 | In Depth |  admin

If a major lightning storm was going to hit ground somewhere in the province of BC, you would want to know about it. Well, a major electricity transmission project is moving ahead and no one has heard about it. Electricity is really just organized lightning.                        -George Carlin  Recently Dogwood Initiative […]

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Don’t expect a fox to guard the henhouse

10.11.06 | In Depth |  admin

While polls show Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, our governments in Ottawa and Victoria are promoting fossils fuels. Stephen Harper’s recently announced Clear Air initiative is just the latest proof that the Conservative government in Ottawa will continue to promote climate changing oil and gas production over energy conservation and clean renewable […]

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Somethin’ Happenin’ Here

10.03.06 | In Depth |  admin

In the past few years there hasn’t been much good news for British Columbia’s forests or forest communities. With softwood lumber, the beetle hysteria, and forest deregulation, a handful of corporations have increased their control over public forests by consuming their competition. Meanwhile, forests, communities, and workers struggle with an uncertain future. But under the […]

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Subsidies and the whacky world of BC politics

09.19.06 | In Depth |  admin

Yesterday, we described how Energy Minister Richard Neufeld and his BC Liberal colleagues attacked NDP small business critic Gregor Robertson, the MLA from Vancouver-Fairview, for questioning the over $242.5 million in subsidies being given to oil and gas companies.   In the partisan world of BC politics the venomous personal attack should have been expected, especially […]

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Subsidies drive the BC government’s energy plans

09.18.06 | In Depth |  admin

Summer is usually a fairly tranquil time in BC politics as people enjoy the sun and time away with family and friends. This summer however, the BC government has attempted to use the quiet of the summer recess to aggressively implement a fossil fuel based energy plan driven by subsidies. The BC government continues to […]

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