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Open Season for Developers

08.21.09 | General |  Gordon O'Connor

Executives at Western Forest Products (WFP) must have been dancing on their board room tables last Thursday.  That was when the BC court of appeal released its decision to quash the CRD’s progressive zoning by-laws on a legal technicality presented by WFP’s lawyers.  Outraged community members from across Vancouver Island are now appealing to the […]

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A Different Kind of Environmentalism

08.19.09 | General |  Gordon O'Connor

I was introduced to environmentalism by my teacher in grade eight.  I learned about the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil, decaying refrigerators in China, parched rivers in the Grand Canyon and oil spills in magnificent far away places.  I remember glitzy Earth Day TV specials, where the eco-celebs of the day told me to […]

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Photos from the Douglas Channel

08.17.09 | General |  Kelsey Singbeil

  For photo captions, enter full screen mode (bottom left arrows) and click on the ‘Show info’ tab at the top right.

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Swimming together

08.13.09 | General |  Kelsey Singbeil

Every once in a while you get the chance to visit a place that moves you and changes you for the rest of your life; the Douglas Channel, Sacred Headwaters, Sombrio Beach. But part of this experience is sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone else, and quite often sharing the place with them. Ali […]

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Saving Jordan River: Part 2

08.11.09 | General |  Charles Campbell

  Forest Campaigner Maurita Prato discusses building the Jordan River campaign.

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Sophisticated Leader

08.10.09 | General |  Will Horter

Canadian Governments like First Nations to be docile and quiet,visible only when they want to show off Canadian diversity or to signoff on a joint venture.  The selection of the national chief of theAssembly of First Nations (AFN) is a bellwether for upcomingaboriginal-Ottawa relations. The election of Shawn Atleo as the newnational chief is a […]

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Deleting Democracy

07.31.09 | General |  Will Horter

The revelation that years of BC cabinet ministers’ e-mails have been deleted has sparked outrage. People should be upset. The suspicious deletion of public records in contravention of document retention laws could be a cover up for fraud, political monkey-wrenching or worse. If the contentious e-mails can’t be found in back-up files, we won’t be […]

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Douglas Channel Excursion

07.29.09 | General |  Celine Trojand

Dogwood readers and supporters, Next week Dogwood Initiative staff Kelsey, Eric, and Celine will be taking off on an excursion down the proposed Enbridge Tanker route from Kitimat to the Hecate Strait. We will be taking a photo diary and conducting interviews along the route. I want to know what you, our readers, want to […]

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