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$2 Million? Thanks For Nothing

01.01.10 | General |  Gordon O'Connor

In 2007 the Province privatized 28 000 ha of land with an estimated commercial value of 130 million dollars.  This created the windfall of controversy and after three years of protests, critical media coverage and a scathing report from the Auditor General’s office the Liberals have limped in with a laughably small two million dollar […]

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What Are Your Thoughts?

01.01.10 | General |  Eric Swanson

After viewing the short version of  ‘Closing Ranks’, also viewable here, or the extended version, viewable here, what are your thoughts? Two issues I’m particularly interested in are: (1) The role that Enbridge Inc has played, and will likely continue to play in supporting a review process for its Northern Gateway project that the Wet’suwet’en […]

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Enbridge Boss Mixes Up Interests

12.18.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

Enbridge CEO Patrick Daniel was quoted today in a Globe and Mail Investor story: “We’re anticipating about a two-year regulatory process,” Daniel said, referring to the company’s Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline and tanker project to BC’s coast. “It’s going to be very thorough and it probably will be noisy andcontentious. But we’re confident of […]

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12.16.09 | General |  Charles Campbell

One of the interesting challenges at Dogwood Initiative is knowing when we can claim success. Government and corporations just don’t stand up and say they’ve been outmaneuvered or proven wrong by a small non-profit. Even when we win a battle it can sometimes be difficult to take the credit. But there are times when I […]

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COP 15 Diaries

12.16.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

Guest Blog by Maurita Prato Maurita is a former Dogwood campaigner, who put an incredible amount of work into our ‘Save Jordan River’ campaign (Now our ‘Vancouver Island is Not For Sale/Urban Sprawl’ campaign) and is responsible for laying much of the groundwork for our recent bylaw success. She’s now studying towards her Masters in […]

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Giving a Darn, Dogwood Style

12.10.09 | General |  Celine Trojand

Join me this season by sending a Holiday Dogwood Loonie package toyour friends and family. Visit our website and fill out an order onbehalf of your lucky recipients and I will pre-wrap and send them offfor you! As I get older, and deeper in student debt,  my family and friends tend to talk money during […]

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Oil Interests vs. Our Interests Part II

11.25.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

Last Friday Enbridge announced they were expecting firm commitments from Chinese, Korean, or other oil companies for their Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project; and soon. NoTankers supporters set out to educate Alberta’s oil patch, sending over 12,000 individual letters since last Friday! Click here for the NEXT STEP We decided this  must mean that […]

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Shell Scratches Surface

11.25.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

The same year that Royal Dutch Shell’s Canadian subsidiary was forced to put their coalbed methane plans on hold in BC’s Sacred Headwaters region, the company was quietly laying the groundwork for a large coalbed methane project in northeast BC. In 2008 Shell signed a joint venture agreement with Canadian Spirit Resources, dumping $50 million […]

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