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Carbon Politics & Pricing Tools

04.28.09 | General |  Will Horter

Third in a series on climate policy The pitched battle between the parties over the carbon tax versus cap and trade reminds me of the first lesson I learned working in construction: how much more efficient you are when you have the right tool for the task. I put myself through university working construction. I […]

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Pipeline Companies Pony Up for Liberals

04.23.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

There was a lot of controversy leading up this month’s BC provincial election surrounding Bill 42,  which was designed to limit third party election spending in the 88 days prior to elections. It has since been struck down by the BC Supreme Court. The idea for Bill 42 being that third parties with deep pockets […]

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Waiting Game

02.27.09 | General |  Maurita Prato

It’s funny to me, how juxtaposed Western Forest Products'(WFP) Duncan Kerr and Capital Regional District Board Chair Geoff Young areregarding the recent announcement by the BC Court of Appeal.  Late Wednesday February 25th theBC Court of Appeal announced that the CRD has won the right to appeal a December08 Supreme Court judgment which struck down […]

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A Sad Day for the Coast

01.05.09 | General |  Maurita Prato

On December 23, 2008, while most of us were sipping rum and eggnog, or out getting the Tofurky, Judge Metzger laid down his Supreme Court Decision on six progressive land use by-laws in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. It was a shocking win for Western Forest Products, and a heartbreaking loss for the Capital […]

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Bye Bye Neufeld

12.23.08 | General |  Will Horter

BC Energy Minister Richard Neufeld is getting appointed to the Senate  as Stephen Harper attempts to pack the much-criticized body with 18 appointments in case his government falls in January. Chalk this up as another elegant solution for Premier Campbell who has done an extraordinary job managing what is in essence a coalition government. Campbell […]

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Twitching to Get Some Action

12.18.08 | General |  Eric Swanson

Recap The  satisfACTION post on Dec 9th gave readers the opportunity to make a difference by attending a rally opposing the province’s inconsistent actions on coalbed methane, or by calling TV stations to ask for coverage of the government’s decision to put a moratorium on development in BC’s Sacred Headwaters while at the same time […]

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A walk with my father

12.12.08 | General |  Charles Campbell

When I lived in Jamaica my father and I used to take regular trips to the mountains. We would go on the pretense of visiting my Uncles coffee farm or to see one of his old friends, but really I think my dad just wanted to spend some time with me in the place he […]

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A Kink in my Neck, Sir!

12.02.08 | General |  Eric Swanson

Ring Ring Ring = Blip Blip Blip Getting lots of people to pick up the phone and call key decision makers about your issue of concern is a time-honored method of citizen action. In terms of impact, a call is rumored to be worth about the same as a personal letter faxed or mailed, and […]

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