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A walk with my father

12.12.08 | General |  Charles Campbell

When I lived in Jamaica my father and I used to take regular trips to the mountains. We would go on the pretense of visiting my Uncles coffee farm or to see one of his old friends, but really I think my dad just wanted to spend some time with me in the place he […]

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A Kink in my Neck, Sir!

12.02.08 | General |  Eric Swanson

Ring Ring Ring = Blip Blip Blip Getting lots of people to pick up the phone and call key decision makers about your issue of concern is a time-honored method of citizen action. In terms of impact, a call is rumored to be worth about the same as a personal letter faxed or mailed, and […]

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Dreams of Hope

11.26.08 | General |  Will Horter

I am 45 years old. I was born 5 weeks after MLKs famous “I Havea Dream” speech on the mall in Washington.Although it predates my birth, that speech is one of my totems – my touchstones- that inspired me and given me comfort throughout my life. 5 weeks before my 45th birthdayI sat on my […]

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