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Deleting Democracy

07.31.09 | General |  Will Horter

The revelation that years of BC cabinet ministers’ e-mails have been deleted has sparked outrage. People should be upset. The suspicious deletion of public records in contravention of document retention laws could be a cover up for fraud, political monkey-wrenching or worse. If the contentious e-mails can’t be found in back-up files, we won’t be […]

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Douglas Channel Excursion

07.29.09 | General |  Celine Trojand

Dogwood readers and supporters, Next week Dogwood Initiative staff Kelsey, Eric, and Celine will be taking off on an excursion down the proposed Enbridge Tanker route from Kitimat to the Hecate Strait. We will be taking a photo diary and conducting interviews along the route. I want to know what you, our readers, want to […]

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My BC Hero

07.22.09 | General |  Celine Trojand

I have always cultivated a thick personal pantheon ofheroes.  Some are fictional, or longdead, others are local, and some are national or international figures.  But, one very important hero in my life is awoman named Lise Ecclestone. This woman is amazing!  Let me tell you why – Lise Ecclestone lives in Penticton, where she works […]

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The road to hell is paved with 'personal repsonsibility'

07.15.09 | General |  Charles Campbell

So I was just forwarded an article on the environmental impact of internet usage by a friend. In effect it was calling for people to take responsibility for the heat trapping gas emissions associated with their Google searches and YouTube videos. For some reason the article really pissed me off. Why? Well the road to […]

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Dogwood Turns 10

07.01.09 | General |  Maggie Gilbert

My first project as Dogwood’s new Development Assistant was to help plan our 10th Anniversary party.  It turns out planning a 10th anniversary party is probably the best way to get to know your new place of employment, its history, supporters, friends and sponsors. Dogwood has developed a vast community over its 10 years.  The […]

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Whale deaths a harbinger?

06.16.09 | General |  Will Horter

Therecent deaths of whales at opposite ends of the world shook me up, bringing tothe surface emotional moments from my childhood, my professional life and mynew role as a father. Inearly June a Humpback whale died after being hit by an oil tanker bound forPort Valdez, Alaska. Images of a magnificent whale T-boned on the […]

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Lisa Raitt target of demonstration

05.22.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

The environmental risk is too high to allow Enbridge’s proposed tar sands pipeline and tanker project to BC’s north coast to go ahead. That’s the message Dogwood initiative, Forest Ethics, and representatives of two BC First Nations took to federal Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt this May. Raitt holds pen on Gateway Minister Raitt […]

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What is required to survive

05.06.09 | General |  Will Horter

Like many of you I am alarmed by the rapid changes caused by our warming climate. As the ice melts on both poles, I can’t help but remember what Winston Churchill said during World War Two: “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” This is one of […]

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