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Dogwood now accepts bitcoin donations

02.17.17 | Commentary, Fundraising |  Aiden Abram

We’ve caught up with 2014 (ha, ha) and Dogwood now accepts Bitcoin donations through BitPay! What IS Bitcoin? Basically, it’s an online currency not attached to a government or a bank, using cryptography to secure communications instead. To prevent cheating, all transactions are recorded on a public ledger verified by many computers around the world so […]

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Best year-end fundraising total ever

01.16.17 | Fundraising, Media |  Dogwood

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dogwood supporters dig deep in 2016 VICTORIA – B.C. non-profit Dogwood netted $219,027 in its year-end fundraising campaign as British Columbians dug deep to power campaigns against oil tanker expansion, U.S. thermal coal and Big Money in B.C. politics. Dogwood, which has organizing teams in 32 ridings across the province, raised $898,000 […]

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Creating a Legacy of Activism

04.11.16 | Commentary, Fundraising |  Don Gordon

Years ago, after dinner at a party in our home a dear friend asked if we had wills. We were both 37 with two small children and had never given a second thought to preparing a will – that was something for old people, or rich people, certainly not us. Our friend recounted his cautionary […]

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Couple asks wedding guests to donate to Dogwood

10.08.13 | Fundraising |  Lyndsey Easton

When Jennifer and Joel Harding started being asked what they’d like for their wedding this summer, they gave an unusual answer. “We just said that if you really want to give, to please donate to the Dogwood Initiative or the Raincoast Conservation Foundation,” Jennifer says. The couple, both PhD students studying salmon conservation at Simon […]

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The voice on the end of the line: retired military pilot thanks new donors

05.28.13 | Fundraising |  Lyndsey Easton

As I sat across from Dogwood Initiative volunteer Lloyd Skaalen in a downtown Victoria coffee shop, I immediately noticed a No Tankers pamphlet sitting on our table. With a slight grin he confessed to placing them in all sorts of places across Victoria. A shiny gold pin fastened to the collar of his jacket also […]

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What you did this year

12.12.12 | Fundraising, No Tankers, Organizing |  Emma Gilchrist

When I sat down to write this blog, I began describing the tremendous success we’ve had in 2012 – but the truth is it’s your success. Every bit of progress we’ve made in protecting B.C.’s coast this year is because of your petition signatures, your donations, your stories, your volunteer hours, your Facebook posts, your […]

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UVic Scuba Club raises nearly $4,000 for No Tankers campaign

05.06.12 | Fundraising, No Tankers |  Don Gordon

British Columbians treasure our coast, but most people’s knowledge of the ocean stops at the surface. What is less well known is that B.C. waters are among the most ecologically productive on Earth and are home to a vast diversity and abundance of marine life. In March, dozens of people got to spend some time […]

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Med student donates scholarship money

02.16.12 | Fundraising, No Tankers |  Emma Gilchrist

This note from Kathryn Wills caught our attention early this year and really inspired us: Apparently, I am a radical. I am a Canadian, a proud B.C. resident and a medical student. I am currently thousands of dollars in debt so that I can achieve my dream of being a rural family doctor and bring […]

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