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May 2nd was an important day in Canadian history

05.24.11 | Election - Canada 2011, No Tankers |  Will Horter

While the unexpected Conservative majority and NDP surge dominated news coverage in the wake of the recent federal election, a less publicized issue had a major impact in key B.C. swing ridings on election night: oil tankers. Lost in the post-election media melee was the fact that Harper’s Conservatives lost seats in B.C. and that […]

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This is what we did

05.06.11 | Election - Canada 2011, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Expect amazing volunteers, hard work and an idea of what the election results mean for keeping oil tankers off our coast.

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Why the political pundits are wrong about B.C.

04.29.11 | Election - Canada 2011 |  Will Horter

The spike in support for the NDP first in Quebec, and now apparently across the country has political commentators in a frenzy. Pundits are spewing their opinions about who this hurts, who it helps and what impact this will have on the May 2 election and the future of Canadian democracy. The conventional view is […]

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Liberals, NDP and Greens committed to banning oil tankers on B.C.’s north coast

04.05.11 | Election - Canada 2011, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

There was a flurry of speculation last week after Pat Daniel was quoted in the Globe and Mail questioning the Liberal’s commitment to banning oil tankers on B.C.’s north coast. Within a day, the NDP had jumped into the fray on their website, asking whether Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff had cut a secret deal on […]

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