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Making sense of election promises

05.12.09 | Democracy, Election - BC 2009, No Tankers |  Will Horter

The media keeps on calling to get my take on which party has the best environmental policy. The short answer is that they are all fundamentally flawed, though the Green Party less so. There has been a lot of partisan finger-pointing and misinformation surrounding Dogwood Initiative’s position in this election. Dogwood Initiative is non-partisan and […]

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Jordan River Forest Lands- It’s an election issue!

05.07.09 | Election - BC 2009, Retired Campaigns |  Maurita Prato

Only a few months ago the Jordan River forest lands issue was quiet in the media. It seemed that people had glazed over on the issue. The status of the CRD zoning bylaws were uncertain until the end of June when the BC Court of Appeal decision is expected.These bylaw amendments were passed to slow […]

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Make History on May 12th!

05.05.09 | Democracy, Election - BC 2009 |  Matt Takach

BC voters have a chance to make history this election and help protect the environment by voting YES to BC-STV. We can make an historic change and adopt Canada’s first fair and proportional electoral system by voting yes in the provincial referendum. By voting yes you’ll ensure that your vote really counts and the issues […]

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