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The Tar Sands – the Elephant In Canada’s Energy Future

12.05.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

It will be interesting as the federal election campaign unravels how the major parties deal with the elephant in Canada’s energy future-the tar sands. Politicians and oil industry executives are almost orgasmic about the potential revenues from the tar sands, but few are talking about the huge climate impacts or the drain on already taxed […]

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A Tahltan Responds

10.03.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

The letter below was submitted to the Vancouver Sun by Beverly Slater (a Tahltan band member and law student at Univ. of Victoria) in response to an Op-ed by Gordon Loverin from Sept. 29 called The simple answer is share the wealth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MISSIONARIES OR ALLIES? Environmentalists groups are not out to convert Indians, just like […]

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13 Tahltan arrested for protecting Sacred Headwaters

09.16.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

In a massive display of opposition to unsustainable development and unaccountable government, 13 Tahltan were arrested peacefully this afternoon. After a moving ceremony witnessed by 100 supporters, including 15 Wet’suwet’en chiefs, Tahltan Elders and youth put their bodies on the line to protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Skeena, Stikine, Nass and Klappan watersheds from […]

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Shell—green wash or hog wash?

08.24.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

With Shell Canada markingthe fifteenth year of their Environment Fund, are the environmental organizations accepting donations from them making the same mistake as the leading arthritis charities that are sponsored by Merck? Merck is the drugs companythat is accused of deliberately suppressing information about the health risks of its painkiller Vioxx. After a Texan court […]

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Tahltan moratorium heats up the northwest

03.07.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

“We declare a complete moratorium on resource development in our territory.” These words, in a statement issued by the Elders of the Tahltan Nation last week, have sparked controversy in BC’s northwest, where big energy companies like Shell thought they were going to get a virtually free ride, thanks to agreements they were negotiating privately […]

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Slush fund drowns alternative energy in BC budget 2005

02.16.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

Let’s hope that on May 17, British Columbians remember the previous four years of pain, layoffs, government cuts, unfettered resource exploitation, gutting of community economies, and pandering to corporate donors. Banking on buying amnesia, Campbell’s government is hoping to buy people’s votes with their own money through the $236.8 million dollars budgeted for Enhancing Economic […]

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Alternative energy in 2005 budget

02.16.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

Are the Liberals serious about alternative energy in their Throne Speech promises about an Alternative Energy and Power Task Force? You be the judge: In the Budget, Alternative Energy is allocated $1.3 million in 2005/06 and is resourced with 12 full time equivalents (FTEs). Compare that to the government’s true priorities their fossil fuel agenda: […]

Read More – helping you stop privatization

02.05.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

The perils of privatization have long been at the core of Dogwood Initiative’s work. The organization was formed to help communities gain more control of their lands, to manage them in the public interest. People want to create a sustainable economy and a sustainable environment. They want healthy, prosperous communities. The private sector is a […]

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