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Oil Industry Injustice

09.02.08 | Commentary, Retired Campaigns |  Geoff Mann

These days, two things keep me up at night, and probably will continue to do so for a long time to come. The first is climate change. It seems petty to say, but it is not about me. If I let my thoughts spin out, I am terrified for my children and the world they […]

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Fishy Business in the Hague

08.08.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Eric Swanson

I recently returned from the land of windmills, wooden shoes, and Royal Dutch Shell. I was in The Hague, Shell’s international HQ, to draw attention at their annual shareholder meeting to the company’s escalating problem in a remote corner of northern BC. where I was protest I was there to make it clear that Shell has […]

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The Forestry Crisis, Government Inaction, and Community Solutions

05.15.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Maurita Prato

The Forest Industry is in crisis and the BC government says there is nothing they can do about it. But with over 1000 layoffs in the last few weeks, 46 mill closures since January and 10 000 forestry related jobs lost in the province in the past year it is time to find some solutions […]

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Aboriginal protest three years later

06.30.07 | Retired Campaigns |  Will Horter

First Nations are protesting across Canada to draw attention to outstanding land claims and other issues plaguing native communities. Thousands rallied in cities across the country, including Vancouver. Hundreds of supporters marched from Vanier Park to Library Square stopping to sing and drum along the way. In British Columbia last time that First Nations united in […]

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Salvaging the integrity of our land and communities

01.18.07 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

It was recently pointed out to me that my days as a student have subtly morphed into that of “working class hero”. Life choices combined with a need for money have pushed me towards tree planting. My relationship to this identity has changed with time, specifically regarding ethics – a progression from the romantic ideal […]

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University of Victoria green-washes aboriginal problems for energy companies

07.24.06 | Retired Campaigns |  Dogwood

  The University of Victoria is sacrificing its progressive reputation for funding from two energy corporations who are seeking to green-wash their corporate brand against concerns raised by First Nations. In the last month UVic’s School of Business announced it will set up Canada’s first National Chair in Aboriginal Economic Development with $1.2 million in […]

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Shell renews threat to Stikine, Skeena Sacred Headwaters

01.16.06 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

It looks like the Tahltan’s ongoing battle to protect theSacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Skeena and Nass watersheds is about to heat up again. Despite ongoing Tahltan opposition to any industrial development in the Sacred Headwaters, Shell Canada is once again pressuring the provincial government to approve permits to drill for coalbed methane in the […]

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Site C – The Dam of Self Sufficiency?

12.15.05 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

Rumours about a revamped Site C proposal seem like a deja-vu. BC Hydro is once again trying to pave the pathway for the controversial Site C hydroelectric dam up in the Peace region of northern BC. They claim that this energy project will help lead our province towards energy self-sufficiency. But will it? The decision […]

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