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Can a MEVA save Jordan River?

02.13.09 | Retired Campaigns |  Maurita Prato

On December 23rd, Judge Metzger (a commonly appealed Judge) sided with Western Forest Products and deemed the voting structure of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area’s (JDFEA) Land Use Committee illegal.The structure has been in place since April of 2006, with the intent of allowing neighboring municipalities who had some knowledge and interest in the […]

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Switch Banks to Slow Climate Change

01.07.09 | Actions, Retired Campaigns |  Eric Swanson

Recap The satisfACTION post on Dec 18th invited readers to add their support to the 5 Point Action Plan of the newly minted ‘Citizens Concerned About Coalbed Methane’. Hundreds of people have since signed onto the plan, some of whom included personal comments By supporting the Coalbed Methane Action Plan, you are helping to fight […]

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Coalbed Methane Rallies in Fernie and Princeton

12.09.08 | Actions, Retired Campaigns |  Eric Swanson

Recapping The Call-In The last satisfACTION post gave an account of a recent issue ‘call-in’, where hundreds and hundreds of people across BC and Alberta picked up the phone and called the office of BC Premier Gordon Campbell and Shell Canada President Brian Straub, asking them to keep coalbed methane drilling from happening in BC’s […]

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Fingers Crossed – Oh what a tangled web WFP weaves!

12.08.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Maurita Prato

Everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear what the BC Supreme Court judge will decide on Western Forest Products (WFP) challenge of the Regional District bylaws restricting subdivision in the Juan De Fuca (JDF) Electoral Area.  Coastal communities, First Nations, environmentalists,surfers, hikers and the Capital Regional District all have an interest in the Court’s decision. […]

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WFP Asks for Pay-Day Loan

12.03.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Eric Swanson

This blog is in response to this news article, which announces Western Forest Product’s desperate plan to raise $50 million in cash through a share offering. Companies generally don’t offer up new shares except on the back of an increase in net assets or value, like when Western Forest Products bought Cascadia Forest Products using […]

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Introducing satisfACTION

12.02.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Eric Swanson

The satisfACTION blog is about activism in British Columbia – the methods, theories, and stories of how people are working together for more perfect communities . Ever felt a need to change things, but don’t know where to start?  I’ll showcase opportunities for personally satisfying and meaningful actions. Introduction My name’s Eric – I’m Dogwood […]

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The Great Land Grab

11.23.08 | Commentary, Retired Campaigns |  Will Horter

Famous U.S. abolitionist Wendell Phillps once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many for the few.”Phillips’ quip applies to BC where fortunes have been made – and are being made- by resource companies that benefit from sweetheart deals that privatize vast tracts of land. A select few, […]

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From Horror to Hope to Heartache

11.17.08 | Retired Campaigns |  Maurita Prato

Truth be told, the last two months of my life have felt consumed by the emotional roller coaster of elections, from horror to hope to heartbreak. It all started last month, as I watched in horror, Canadians came alarmingly close to electing a majority conservative government, with the lowest voter turnout in Canadian history. Perhaps […]

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