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If you fly by jet you kill?

09.17.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Cliff Stainsby

Humans emit huge quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases are accumulating and causing climate change. Climate change currently kills hundreds of thousands of people each year and devastates the lives of hundreds of millions more. This death and destruction is due, largely, to extreme weather events including droughts, heat waves, fires, floods, […]

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Public Hearing Re-zoning of Water Lot 1 and Westsong Walkway

09.01.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Victoria City Council has initiated several re-zonings for land and waters off Songhees that will implement policies that they have developed through public process over many years.  These policies have been on the books for many years and are not appearing “out of the blue”.  The proposed Mega Yacht moorage has focused attention on the […]

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Determining Factors

08.13.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Alan Hedley

Here’s a question for you. In Part 2 of this post, we can compare answers. During the course of human history, what three technological inventions have had the most environmental impact in terms of resource consumption and disposal? The IPAT formula is a conceptual tool that allows us to focus on those factors most responsible […]

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Central Saanich Approves Urban Sprawl

08.06.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

This week Central Saanich Council approved Ian Vantreight’s plan to build a luxury subdivision on rural and agricultural land.  Watch this video to hear about the implications this will have for our community and to learn about what you can do to stop this from happening.

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Protecting Vancouver Island

08.05.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Vancouver Island’s natural spaces are an essential part of our community. They provide recreation spots for our families, jobs for forestry workers and clean drinking water for everyone. These places belong to all of us. Local voices join the campaign to keep Vancouver Island green… Developers and politicians are maneuvering to use our wild areas […]

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Banks out of Farming

07.22.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Ian Vantreight’s controversial proposal to convert rural and agricultural land into luxury condos and housing highlights the crisis faced in communities across North America: farmers being forced out of business by inflated land values. The Saanich Peninsula is one of the most farm-able regions in the world, but land there is more valuable for real […]

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Our ecological footprint

07.21.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Alan Hedley

Here’s a personal challenge: How do you measure up in terms of sustainability? In 1996, a slim book based on a UBC doctoral dissertation and published by a little-known press on Gabriola Island revolutionized how we think about our relationship to the planet. Our Ecological Footprint, the title of the book and key concept created […]

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Where is Ida?

07.11.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

I was playing hide and seek last week with a two-year-old. She kept trying to sneak past me by covering her own eyes, no doubt thinking “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” It’s a trick that every kid tries, but when we grow up most of us realize that not looking at […]

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