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Why biosolids are a bad idea for farmland in the CRD

06.09.11 | Commentary, Retired Campaigns |  Stefan Morales

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is stuck between a rock and a hard place. By seeking alternatives to disposing sewage sludge into the Juan de Fuca strait, the question arises: what else do we do with it? An answer that seems to appear throughout North America is to “treat” sewage waste, rename it biosolids and […]

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Will the CRD step up and enforce its own plan?

05.24.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Karl Hardin

On a rainy afternoon a couple of weeks ago I sat in the boardroom of the Capital Regional District (CRD), and listened intently as directors discussed whether to take steps that would allow them to enforce the Regional Growth Strategy. This was not a routine meeting. At stake was the CRD’s ability to enforce its […]

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Why the CRD is broken (and how to fix it)

04.18.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Will Horter

Nothing in the world is static. Biological forces such as natural selection and competition for scarce resources compel organisms to evolve, transform themselves or potentially die out. The same is true for communities. There are major challenges on the horizon. The combination of global warming, the rising cost of fuel and food and the increasingly […]

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The New Battle for Vancouver Island

03.22.11 | Organizing, Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Vancouver Islanders have a long and proud history of standing up for our home. The struggle to save Clayoquot Sound captured national attention and spawned dozens of other initiatives to protect the environment and people who live here. The sublime beauty of this island has inspired thousands of everyday people to make heroic efforts in […]

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Taking the Wilderness Out of the Trail

02.17.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Bobby Arbess

On the evening of February 15th, the Juan de Fuca Land Use Committee gave preliminary approval for Ender Ilkay’s plan to build 300 vacation houses on the Juan de Fuca trail. This guest blog by Bobby Arbess is about the proposed development and what it means for the wilderness trail. Guest Blog by Bobby Arbess […]

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A Dangerous Precedent

01.14.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

In land use planning there is no such thing as a one time exception: every rezoning amendment and every extension of municipal services to a rural area sets a precedent. The recent decisions in Central Saanich to allow the Vantreight subdivision and Senanus waterline project set particularly significant precedents, because they directly undermined the CRD’s […]

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Living Naturally

01.11.11 | Commentary, Retired Campaigns |  Alan Hedley

On occasion Dogwood Initiative posts blogs written by our supporters. If you’ve got a topic you’d like to write about get in touch with us  If you’d like to send comments or feedback on this blog to the author, please post it as a comment below. “Attention.” This is the first and last word […]

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Moratorium Now

12.15.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Guest Blog By Saul Arbess What’s wrong with this picture? On Dec. 2nd, I attended a meeting on the proposed resort development on lands adjoining the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. The proposed resort, extending from China Beach, then sprawling 7 km west along the trail, calls for nearly 300 cabins, a lodge, and considerable […]

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