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November 5 telephone town hall

11.07.13 | Beyond Coal, No Tankers, Strategy |  Lyndsey Easton

On Nov. 5 2013, Dogwood Initiative hosted a telephone town hall offering people the opportunity to hear updates from campaign directors as well as ask questions in a radio show style format. Executive Director Will Horter and Beyond Coal Campaign Director Laura Benson were on the call which was hosted by Organizing Director Celine Trojand. […]

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Coal exports from U.S. sent via B.C. shorten lives in China

10.17.13 | Beyond Coal |  Dogwood

A tired and offensive argument regularly used by the coal industry inspired me to write this piece. It goes something like this: selling coal to China is helping alleviate poverty by providing poor people with cheap electricity – don’t you care about poor people sitting in the dark in China? I take this very personally […]

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Your coal export questions answered

07.25.13 | Beyond Coal |  Emma Gilchrist

1) B.C. doesn’t currently have any coal-burning power plants. Why should I be worried about coal? Many parts of the world, including B.C., have stopped burning coal to create electricity because it’s widely recognized as the dirtiest form of energy on the planet – plus there are readily available alternatives to create electricity, such as […]

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Coal campaign heats up: a month in the life of Dogwood’s new coal campaigner

06.26.13 | Beyond Coal |  Laura Benson

For more than two years now Dogwood Initiative has been quietly gearing up to take on another fossil fuel threat to our air, land and water: coal. While our 2011 report B.C.’s Dirty Secret detailed the extent of the province’s mining and export of metallurgical coal for steel-making, we were also paying attention to the […]

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Port Metro Vancouver approves North Van coal expansion despite health concerns

02.13.13 | Beyond Coal |  Will Horter

On Jan. 23, Port Metro Vancouver approved a proposal to expand a North Vancouver coal export facility’s capacity to enable 18 million metric tonnes of coal to be exported each year – ignoring health concerns raised by health authorities and citizens in hundreds of letters. Why all the sudden fuss about coal? While Vancouver publicly […]

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Grassroots Action on Climate Change

01.14.11 | Beyond Coal |  Kevin Washbrook

Here at Dogwood initiative, we’ve been busy doing research on BC’s coal industry and we’ll soon be releasing two major research reports, which will form the foundation of a Dogwood coal campaign. In the meantime here’s a note from a member of a grassroots group that’s stepping up to take on the coal industry. —————————— […]

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10 Key Questions for 2010 – Question 3

02.17.10 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Will Horter

Did you ever just wake up one day and know deep down that something important was going to happen to you? That was the way I felt last month at the turn of the New Year. Something deep down told me the first year, of the second decade, of the third millennium, was going to […]

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First Coal Corporation Under Fire

04.17.09 | Beyond Coal |  Eric Swanson

An interesting struggle is playing out in British Columbia’s northeast. On one side is First Coal Corporation, a privately-held, Vancouver-based junior mining company that is taking heat for illegal road building and a whopper of a clear-cut, probably burning through cash as we speak, and desperate to demonstrate some progress on a bulk sample pit […]

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