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Is there more to the story that we don’t know?

07.21.14 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

In this op-ed from SFU Urban Studies professor Anthony Perl, someone finally tackles the question of whether building new infrastructure for U.S. thermal coal exports is a wise investment for B.C. Anyone paying a bit of attention to the myriad financial risks in the thermal coal export market won’t be surprised by this analysis, but […]

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Farce Unfolds at Port Metro Vancouver AGM

06.06.14 | Beyond Coal, Op-Ed |  Guest Writer

Many who attended yesterday’s meeting knew they were going to have to sit through the business material of any semi-independent industry and government-appointed board’s reporting. However, we also knew that some of the other stakeholders, parents, doctors, and other concerned citizens were going to have a chance to ask questions and hopefully get answers, especially […]

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B.C. government secretly approves coal permitting amendment

04.23.14 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Thanks to a dedicated Beyond Coal supporter from Burnaby, we learned that the provincial ministry of energy and mines secretly approved a permit amendment allowing Texada Quarries to expand its coal-handling operations by almost 20-fold, enabling it to become the final transfer point for up to 8 million tonnes of U.S. thermal coal via Fraser […]

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Organizing beyond the classroom

03.15.14 | Beyond Coal, Organizer Profiles, Organizing |  Dogwood

Grace and Fiana, two Grade 11 students who attend New Westminster Secondary, are founders of the Youth Initiative – a small but dedicated group of students organizing around key issues in their community. On a sunny February afternoon, I joined seven students at their school for a training workshop they led to help their peers […]

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Thousands Call on Province to Properly Assess U.S. Coal Exports

02.20.14 | Beyond Coal, Media |  Laura Benson

VANCOUVER – As Port Metro Vancouver delayed a decision and requested more health-related information on the proposal to ship U.S. thermal coal through Fraser Surrey Docks and Texada Island, thousands of concerned B.C. residents have turned to the province to step in and require comprehensive health and environmental assessments. “Port leaders just don’t seem to […]

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We deserve the facts!

02.15.14 | Beyond Coal, Organizing |  Laura Benson

Over the past year Dogwood Initiative has been part of an ever-growing grassroots movement to protect our health and communities from the threat of expanded coal exports. We are now part of a powerful network of environmental and community groups that has forced Port Metro Vancouver to respond to public concerns over the U.S. coal […]

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Global perspective on local coal export proposals

01.20.14 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Dogwood Initiative recently had the honour of hosting a visit from Calvin Quek, head of the sustainable finance program at Greenpeace East Asia. Calvin – a Canadian citizen who was born here in Vancouver, but grew up in Singapore – gaveĀ a public talk in Richmond on January 12th and participated in a media briefing on […]

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Thousands Demand New Assessment of U.S. Coal Export Proposal

12.17.13 | Beyond Coal, Media |  Laura Benson

In the past 30 days nearly 2,000 supporters of the Dogwood Initiative have submitted comments to Port Metro Vancouver rejecting its environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the proposal to transship U.S. thermal coal through Fraser Surrey Docks. “The unprecedented number of comments shows the public will not be shut out of the decision-making process and […]

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