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BC taxpayers to pay billions for Christy Clark’s bridge

03.24.17 | Beyond Coal, Defend Our Farmland, Democracy, Election - BC 2017, Op-Ed |  Guest Writer

The Massey Bridge Replacement means increased costs for taxpayers and commuters. It would also open up the Fraser River to Panamax tankers, enabling a massive expansion of fossil fuel exports Excerpts published with permission from Daniel Wood. See the full article in The Tyee. If today’s B.C. government has its way, work will start late this year on […]

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The first ever Dogwood podcast!

02.06.17 | Actions, Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Citizens' Initiative, Election - BC 2017, Let BC Vote, News, Podcast, Strategy |  Kai Nagata

Our first podcast! Join Dogwood’s Kai Nagata as he checks in with Tankers campaigner Sophie Harrison and director of organizing Laura Benson about Dogwood’s plan to stop Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. Ban Big Money campaigner Lisa Sammartino discusses Christy Clark’s 2016 donations, and Beyond Coal campaigner Arie Ross tells us what impact President Trump will have on U.S. […]

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Historic coal victory in Washington increases pressure on B.C.

01.18.17 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Arie Ross

As Trump takes the wheel, U.S. thermal coal is looking for a way off the continent The denial of a key permit by the State of Washington has left the largest proposed coal facility on the West Coast of North America high and dry. The proponents of the export terminal in Longview, Washington failed to […]

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How a faltering U.S. coal industry is sneaking their climate-wrecking product through B.C.

10.21.16 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Sophie Harrison

Their latest efforts to export through our province and our latest efforts to fight back Like any kid who grew up in Vancouver, I have the aspirational mantra “Greenest City” imprinted in my brain. This illusion was shattered when I learned Metro Vancouver was also home to North America’s biggest coal port. Westshore Terminal in […]

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Citizens are having a hard time trusting elected officials

08.25.16 | Actions, Beyond Coal, Commentary, Organizing |  Guest Writer

By Brenda Ross In late July, as Dogwood’s team leader in Delta, I was part of a group that met with Delta MP Carla Qualtrough and North Vancouver MP Jonathan Wilkinson (secretary to the Minister of Environment). MP Qualtrough convened the meeting in response to the pressing concerns she has heard from her constituents about […]

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What do they have that we don’t?

06.22.16 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Arie Ross

A thorough environmental assessment process on coal projects, for a start. I took a little trip to Longview, Washington, the proposed location for the Millennium Bulk Terminal (MBT) coal export project, with my friend and colleague Mary. This is us at the public hearing just a few short weeks ago. Coal companies aim to export […]

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BC Liberals take coal cash, too

05.27.16 | Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Arie Ross

The dirtiest form of finance and fossil fuels: coal BC Liberals take cash so wealthy stakeholders can secure a private audience with the Premier. Sleazy offshore investments are revealed by the Panama Papers. This is the world – or province – we’re living in. Noting these recent developments, I too (like my colleague Dave) wanted […]

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Surprise! B.C.’s deadbeat mining companies are huge political donors

05.26.16 | Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Taxpayers liable for $1.2 billion in cleanup costs as corporations cry poor I really should not have read the newspaper before breakfast this morning. Nothing curdles the milk in your Grapenuts like toxic corporate influence. Turns out B.C.’s Ministry of Energy and Mines has been allowing mining companies to skip out on paying for site […]

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